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Demi Lovato's Quotes About Her Breakup With Wilmer Valderrama Will Break Your Heart


Demi Lovato just released her new documentary, Simply Complicated, on YouTube on Oct. 17, and it's so, so emotional. As part of her tell-all, she lets us in on her long-term past relationship, and let me tell you, Demi Lovato's quotes about her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama are heartbreaking.

While the documentary covers all of the ups and downs about Lovato's life (from her early stages of depression through her growing fame and her struggles with drug abuse), the show takes a turn when she pauses to talk about Valderrama.

Demi thoughtfully begins, "I've never loved anyone like I loved Wilmer," and it just becomes more heatbreaking from there.

She says,

Oof. Pause for a tissue break.

She continued,

Demi explains that their decision to split was mutual, and stemmed from nothing but love and support for one another's personal growth.


In the documentary, she is spotted at a party with Wilmer, where the two embrace and seem incredibly cordial and happy to see one another. Demi explains to cameras behind closed doors,

The two clearly have a good relationship, and it will make their mutual fans happy to know they're still on good terms. For Demi, this documentary is to show her own, individual growth and continue her path to "life without demons," as she puts it.

She explains,

Demi, we seriously love you.

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