The Max Ehrich Reference In Demi's New Documentary's Trailer Was Brutal

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A preview for what promises to be the biggest music docuseries of the year has stan Twitter feeling shady as hell. Demi Lovato's Max Ehrich reference in the Dancing With The Devil trailer was brutal and showcased exactly how quickly the former couple ended up calling off their engagement. Although their romance is long done, Lovatics can't help but giggle at how the footage was cut; in one shot she had a ring on her finger, and in the very next, she didn't. Some stans' laughter was short-lived, though, as they realized just how painful calling off their marriage was for the superstar.

While the majority of Lovato's first docuseries trailer focused on her 2018 overdose and its aftermath, at least one episode will address her engagement to former boyfriend Max Ehrich, which was promptly called off in September 2020 only two months after it was announced. Lovatics aren't huge fans of Ehrich, to say the least, but they're usually more focused on uplifting Lovato and celebrating her successes. They couldn't stay away from at least buzzing on Twitter about the clip featuring her showing off an empty ring finger, though.

There are more than a few tweets joking about Ehrich probably being angry with the clip, and several more about how funny the editing made the moment amid otherwise serious clips about Lovato's life. If you're interested in seeing exactly what stans were buzzing about online when the trailer dropped, scroll below.

Some stans were not expecting the recent footage from late 2020 at all.

In the end, the empty ring finger was just too much for some fans to take.

Fans couldn't help but recall Ehrich's infamous beach breakdown.

Ultimately, the footage just made fans feel for Lovato.