Demi *Literally* Fights Off Her Old Insecurities In Her Epic New Video


Demi Lovato is taking 2020 by storm. Lovato captivated audiences with powerful comeback performances at both this year's Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl, and now her latest music video is an absolute moment. It's clear Lovato is pouring her heart and soul into everything she does this era, and Demi Lovato's music video for "I Love Me" will literally give you chills and fill you with confidence.

Lovato's latest single isn't just a jam, but it's also full of emotional lyrics that obviously came straight from her heart. So when it came to the music video for "I Love Me," Lovato seemingly knew she had to come up with something good enough to match the intensity of the tune.

Lovato was obviously excited for the single, and revealed on March 2 that the song would be coming soon because she "couldn't keep it a secret any longer." In the comments section of Lovato's post, her mom, Dianna De La Garza, teased big things writing, "The world’s not ready for this song..."

And while Lovatics thought they were ready, no one could have imagined the creativity Lovato put into the song and the music video that goes along with it.

The visual begins by showing the two sides of Lovato's personality: The one that exudes confidence, and the other that is always ready to beat herself up for not feeling good enough. They get into a literal fist fight in Lovato's room, but the confident Demi wins out, and goes outside to meet the world in this fierce Carmen Sandiego-esque red jacket. As she strolls down the street, she passes by so many major moments from her past — from major scenes in Camp Rock and the Jonas Brothers in their snazzy suits, to the moment she was rushed to the hospital for an overdose.

In the end, Lovato sings about being a 10 out of 10, and honestly, I don't think that score is high enough for this amazing woman. She's at least a 12 out of 10. AT LEAST.

Check out the powerful music video below!