What Debby Ryan Said About Getting Engaged To Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun Is So Sweet

These days, if your engagement does't grace the 'Gram, you may wonder if it even happened. For actress Debby Ryan and musician Josh Dun however, there's no need to worry. Spanning their personal Instagrams and Twitters, it's clear: Debby Ryan and Josh Dun are engaged and they want the world to know. The couple posted photos of their engagement on Instagram, both clad in stylish black outfits and looking so majorly in love in a treehouse in New Zealand.

For those who don't remember the immaculate spinoff of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody that was The Suite Life on Deck, let me remind you: Ryan has been a fan favorite for a while now. More recently starring in Netflix's Insatiable, the 25-year-old actress has kept fairly busy over the post-Disney years. Speculation of the actress dating Dun, the drummer of electro-pop duo Twenty One Pilots began in 2013, and was confirmed shortly after. After dating on and off for four years, the pair has made their engagement official and took to their social media accounts to celebrate their love.

Closeups show Ryan's face filled with happy tears, and ultimate surprise. With her Twitter caption reading, "I said yes! Well technically I said 'NO WAY' twice but I meant yes." In a floral surplice dress, with white strappy heels, minimal rose gold jewelry, and of course, an Apple Watch like any good millennial, her new engagement ring seemed to be the finishing touch.

Dun played it cool in his post, with a playful and casual caption reading: "I found a tree house in the woods in New Zealand and proposed to my girl. She my dude for life. I love you Debby." If your first reaction was an unsettling feeling about the use of "dude" (so casual!) reading Ryan's own post may change your mind. The actress has no shortage of words for her love, and posted a lengthy and lovely caption about their relationship, also using the term "dude".

The actress wrote, "My dude asked me on a date. I said yeah because I always want to go on dates with him. Then he asked me to be his forever dude. He does things well, and right. His timing has pressed us and never failed us.He’s sincere and fun and disciplined and strong as heck and a nerd and a rockstar and a good midwestern man and a silly shirtless boy, and his family is endlessly warm and delightful and are such champions.I have two parents and a brother; they’re superheroes and they’re my home. They’ve been the only thing that moves my needle with the fierceness of deep empathy. I have never found that out in the world. I guess I figured it wasn’t a connection you could stumble upon, only something you could only be born into. Falling in love with joshua was discovering it in the wild. Building it with him, building in certainty, infinite in wonder. Our own lil family. Feels like growing up and moving through life is just evolving through different types of complicated. He is where all the voices narrow into one sound. My only simplicity, where the important things are clear and the other things aren’t that important. He’s my heart outside my body. He’s a cold water awakening and a warm bed; he’s the place I can rest. Dudes for life. It was a really good date."

Of course, Ryan and Dun aren't the only ones happy about the engagement. Riverdale stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse (he's also from Suite Life!) both took to social media to share their excitement for the newly engaged couple.

The beautiful engagements pics, full of floral dresses and tree houses hopefully mean a beautiful whimsical wedding is in store. For now, Ryan and Dun seem happier than ever to be each other's dudes — for life.