Hannah Ann Is Hanging Out With David Dobrik After Her ‘The Bachelor’ Season

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Hannah Ann Sluss might not have ended up with Peter Weber, but the Bachelor alum seems to be doing just fine following her split. After garnering a lot of celebrity fans in The Bachelor finale, the model has been spotted out and about with some of her fellow influencers including David Dobrik. Just weeks after hanging out with the YouTube star, David Dobrik’s photo of Hannah Ann Sluss shows that while they're currently practicing social distancing, his new friend is on his mind.

Fans of Dobrik know he's a proud member of Bachelor Nation, and people were thrilled to see universes collide when the pair hung out a few weeks back. At the time, a fan posted a photo of the duo seemingly getting coffee together. While the pair haven't been spotted hanging out publicly since, the YouTube star took to his @DavidDisposable Instagram account on Saturday, March 21 to share a photo of the reality TV personality standing in what appears to be an elevator. While some fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that they were self-quarantining together like Bachelorette alums Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown, Sluss' outfit matches the one she wore during their original hang out, which suggests that the photo was taken on his disposable camera on that day.

While Sluss didn't post about hanging out with Dobrik, she took to her own Instagram to reflect on turning "kindness inward" as the world struggles with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Typically when we think of being kind, we imagine ourselves going out of our way to improve someone else’s well-being," she captioned the Instagram post. "However, in the midst of what we’re facing today, the kindest act we can do is to learn how to turn that kindness inward. I have been focusing on cultivating positive-self talk and a strong inner voice to combat the uncertainty. What phrases or mantras do you repeat to show yourself some kindness?"

While the jury is out on the nature of Sluss' relationship with Dobrik, she seems to be living her best life post-breakup. In a recent interview with the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she admitted that she's "happy with how things ended" with Weber.

"Gosh, I was miserable with him," she said. "Once January started because of the whole wishy-washy-ness started. And I was just like, 'I need someone who knows who they are, who knows what they want, who’s not going to be with someone just because their mom told them to.'"

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It looks like Dobrik and Sluss are staying mum on their friendship for now, but judging from the YouTuber's latest post, it wouldn't be surprising if Bachelor Nation sees them hang out again once all the social distancing is over.