D'Arcy Carden as Janet on 'The Good Place'

D’Arcy Carden Is Just As Sad About ‘The Good Place’ Ending As You Are


It might be a cliché to say all good things must come to an end, but it's a true statement, and it's especially apt when talking about a certain beloved show that has "good" right there in the title. The Good Place airs its series finale on Thursday, Jan. 30, which means fans everywhere have to say goodbye to one of the smartest and funniest series on TV. It's such a beloved fixture in the entertainment world, even the show's actors are upset to see it all come to an end, as proven by D'Arcy Carden's quotes about The Good Place finale.

For the last four years, Carden has starred on The Good Place as Janet, an iteration of the Siri-esque operational mainframe of the afterlife. Not only has Carden brought Janet to life in the most perfect way, she's also found great joy in watching the show all these years. In fact, she had trouble accepting the news when she first heard the series was ending.

"When our creator Mike Schur told us that it was ending, I was so bummed and I wanted it to keep going," Carden tells Elite Daily. "I was mad and sad. And then when he explained what the season was gonna be and how it was gonna end, it all of a sudden made sense that it was ending."

Now that it's all said and done, Carden is happy with the way The Good Place ended things. "It does what The Good Place does best, which is [tell] a funny, emotional story," she says. "And I think it wraps up so well. I definitely made me think about my own real life."

Although Janet is still very much "not a girl," Carden explains how her character's very human-like journey has been one of her favorite parts of working on The Good Place.

"I sort of think of Janet as a teenager," she says. "And she’s become an adult over these seasons. You know how like a teenager at age 14 is different from a teenager at age 18? There’s a lot of growth that happens there and a lot of like emotion and confusion. I really like her self-realization, [and] her becoming more human in a way."

Carden says the final days on set were filled with emotional goodbyes. The cast even instituted a "no phones on set" rule so everyone could be present with each other.

"It was honestly like the end of camp," Carden says. "Like when you know the last day is coming and you’re like, 'We gotta stay in touch, how are we gonna do this?' The nice thing is we all really do love each other and we are all friends and family and we will stay in touch, but you do kind of realize how special you have it and not taking it for granted is a huge part of that."

As Carden moves on from The Good Place, she says she's especially focused on taking care of herself by celebrating "the little wins every day." She explains, "I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be the perfect thing we see on screen all the time and I’m starting to realize that we are already are doing things right." With this in mind, she's partnered with Truvia to celebrate wellness in all forms. "There’s so much that we do in our daily lives that’s contributing to our happiness and our health and [I] sort of focus on that instead of [thinking] there needs to be more, more, more."

Now that The Good Place is ending, fans are losing a major source of comfort and entertainment, which is pretty forking sad. But at least Carden's Janet-worthy words of wisdom (and maybe a cup of fro-yo) can help soften the blow.