Dairy Queen Is Releasing Chicken & Waffles Soon, So Start Making Dinner Plans

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Whenever I think about Dairy Queen, I think about ice cream sundaes and Blizzards packed with treats. However, it looks like a new sweet-and-savory dish is coming to the menu that'll give DQ's desserts a run for their money. That's right: Dairy Queen's new Chicken and Waffles are coming soon, so schedule your dinner plans accordingly. From the moment DQ's Chicken and Waffle Basket becomes available, you'll be able to indulge in your favorite dish before devouring your ice cream. Talk about a delicious night out, am I right?

Thankfully, you won't have to wait a long time to try the new menu item. According to a press release from Dairy Queen, the company's Chicken and Waffle Basket will be available on April 1. That means you still have enough time to call your loved ones and arrange a much-needed DQ trip. Heck, you can go ahead and schedule a ton of DQ trips. The more chicken and waffles, the better, right?

Don't wait too long to schedule your Dairy Queen outing, though. According to the company, the Chicken and Waffles Basket will only be available for a limited time. With that being said, mark your calendars and try 'em while you can. Elite Daily reached out to Dairy Queen to see how long they'll be available for, and the company said that they'll be available through May. That means you can enjoy 'em for the majority of spring (yay!).

Maria Hokanson, Executive Vice President of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), talked about the Chicken and Waffle Basket in a press release. She said, "We’re thrilled to offer the best of both worlds with our delicious take on a classic. Fans love our chicken strip basket, and now they can really indulge with the addition of decadent Belgian waffles."

I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry just thinking about the upcoming Chicken and Waffle Basket. Between Belgium waffles, chicken strips, a side of syrup, and a pile of fries, I know exactly what I'm going to order during my next DQ visit.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

While you're waiting for Dairy Queen's Chicken and Waffle Basket to hit the menu, you can indulge in other chicken baskets that the company has to offer. Based off of DQ's website, those selections include the Chicken Strip Basket, the Honey Hot Glazed Chicken Strip Basket, and the Honey BBQ Glazed Chicken Strip Basket.

Yup, something tells me that the Chicken and Waffles Basket is going to fit right in.

Believe it or not, Dairy Queen isn't the first restaurant to recently hop on the chicken and waffles train. On March 21, KFC also announced that it's bringing Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles back onto the menu. According to a press release by KFC, its version of chicken and waffles will be on the menu from March 23 to April 29 (or while supplies last). With that being said, try 'em while you can.

If you want to taste both of the chicken and waffle platters, go for it. Like I said, the more chicken and waffles, the better (regardless of where you get them from).