These "DQ 2 for $4 Treat Nights" Include Ice Cream Cones & Sundaes For A Super Sweet Spring

Spring may have just started less than a month ago, but it's fixing to be 90 degrees this weekend where I live in Florida. That is some serious summer weather, y'all. (And, it's not even summer yet.) I know other parts of the country are still battling the snow and winter-like weather. However, other ares, like Florida, are really starting to heat up quickly — and I'm just trying to figure out how to keep cool. That's why I can't wait for Dairy Queen's "2 for $4 Treat Nights" for spring 2019 to start. It won't be too much longer until now.

Tell Siri to set a reminder for Monday, April 15, because that's when Dairy Queen is kicking off its latest deal called DQ 2 for $4 Treat Nights. During the limited time offer, you can get any two medium dipped cones or sundaes for only $4, according to a press release from Dairy Queen. You can snag the double treat deal starting at 8 p.m. local time at select DQ locations nationwide until Sunday, May 19. That gives you a little more than five weeks to get down on this delicious deal.

Now that you've got those important details committed to memory (or thanks to the help of Siri), you may be wondering what to order. Of the treats you can get, Dairy Queen's new Dreamsicle Dipped Cone is the standout star to me. It's made with DQ's signature vanilla soft serve and is then dipped in a crunchy and creamy orange coating, according to Dairy Queen. (If you're thinking this sounds a lot like a creamsicle, you're right.) I've been wanting to try it since it came out earlier this year. DQ's 2 for $4 Treat Nights are the perfect excuse for me to make this happen.

Dairy Queen

Also included in the nighttime treat offer is Dairy Queen's Chocolate Dipped Cone. This one gives me some serious nostalgia. When I was a kid, my parents would occasionally take me to Dairy Queen. The Chocolate Dipped Cone was my mom's go-to order. It's a pretty basic order but it's oh-so-good. According to Dairy Queen, the chocolaty cone features vanilla soft serve in a crunchy cone that's dipped in a rich chocolate coating. Yum.

If dipped cones aren't really your thing, you can also opt for one of DQ's sundaes. There are eight total sundaes to choose from. I'm having a hard time deciding what I'd get, but probably either the Hot Fudge Sundae or the Caramel Sundae. The lineup also features fruity flavors like a Pineapple Sundae and a Strawberry Sundae.

Just when I thought I had my order all figured out, DQ decided to drop the big news that it's bringing back the fan-favorite Summer Berry Sundae, according to a press release from the company. The one is made with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, and is served over vanilla soft-serve. Now I really can't decide what to get.

Dairy Queen

Of course, no sundae is complete without some toppings. The ice cream chain is debuting so many brand new toppings just in time for Treat Nights to begin. According to Dairy Queen, the new toppings include rich Choco Chunks, crunchy Praline Pieces, and smooth Midnight Fudge.

Consider this your friendly reminder that DQ's 2 for $4 Treat Nights start on Monday, April 15. That gives me a few days to smooth out my order. Although, I'm sure I'll be back several times before this deal ends on Sunday, May 19. I'll see you at DQ.