Crook & Marker is offering free Valentine's Day cards featuring rescue dogs, "shirtless hunks," and ...

These Virtual Valentines Of Shirtless Dudes Playing With Dogs Actually Help Rescue Pups

Courtesy of Crook & Marker

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, hard seltzer brand Crook & Marker is making it easy to send some major puppy love this year. While your V-Day and Galentine's Day festivities might look a little different this year due to the pandemic, Crook & Marker's virtual Valentine's Day cards feature the playful yet potent combination of adorable rescue pups, the "shirtless hunks" who are currently fostering them, and cans of organic hard seltzer. The icing on the cake? Sending these pawesome thirst traps to your BFFs or SO helps benefit a great cause.

Through Sunday, Feb. 14, you can virtually share some love from afar by heading to While the name and concept is playfully inspired by OnlyFans, it's not affiliated with the company in any way and instead is a free web gallery where you can browse through photos of 10 dog-loving individuals cuddling rescue shelter pups from NYC-based animal rescue organization Muddy Paws Rescue while sipping on some Crook & Marker seltzer.

On the OnlyCans website, you can customize your online card by picking from 10 foster dad and pup teams, which include a little blurb about the personality of the guy you picked and videos of the pair interacting. The foster dads range from an Army Special Forces retiree to a pediatric surgeon to a songwriter and producer, all of whom offer some great anecdotes about their rescue pups. To give you a preview, you'll be choosing from duos like John and Legend, Simon and Bridgerton, and Ryan and Goslinger.

Crook & Marker

Once you pick a pair, you can choose one of the photos of a "shirtless hunk" with his four-legged BFF or one of the accompanying videos, which contain a few different messages ranging from sweet to flirty, then choose how you want to send your online card. Whether you want videos of your man and pup duo dancing around the room together, cuddling, or playing, OnlyCans has got you covered.

To make sure all this cuteness is for a good cause, Crook & Marker will make a $1 donation to Muddy Paws Rescue any time anyone shares one of the images either through social media, SMS messaging, or email. You can also choose to donate yourself by clicking on the red "Donate" button.

Again, sending any of these cards is free and benefits a great cause, so don't sleep on sharing your favorites with all your friends and help more rescue pups find their forever homes.