This Guy's Adorable Proposal Before 'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Almost As Mighty As Thor Himself

by Candice Jalili
Marvel Studios

Let's play a fun game. First, pick your favorite movie currently playing in theaters. Pick one you REALLY wanted to see. Now, think of the person you'd like to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you know them already. Maybe it's a fictional character. Whoever they are, they're the person of your dreams. Now, for the fun part. Imagine the joy you feel when you're finally at the theater watching that movie and couple it with the insurmountable joy of being proposed to by your dream person. Well, Craig Tampin's proposal before Thor: Ragnarok took that insane fantasy and turned it into a reality for his now-fiancée, Danielle Shaw.

As you can imagine, getting down on one knee and proposing in the middle of a dark movie theater while your favorite movie is about to play could be, well, underwhelming. First of all, it's dark. Second, those floors are sticky and disgusting. Finally, your bae is getting in the way of the movie you're trying to watch! But Tampin thought this all through. So instead of popping the question in the middle of the movie, he pre-recorded a message for his BAE that played before the trailers got started.

I mean, check out the adorable video for yourself here:

If you couldn't fully hear what he was saying, I have some highlights here for you.

First off, he started things off by apologizing to the other audience members. "Before I start I want to apologize to everyone else in the room. I just thought I would pass a message on to my partner," he said in the video.

Then, things took a turn for the adorable when he started giving everyone a little bit of back story on their relationship: "Danielle we have been together for three years now, it’s absolutely flew over. I never thought in a million years we would be here today."

Finally, he hit everyone in the theater with the grand finale. "I have got a little message to pass on," he explained. "It’s in Welsh, but I have got another alternative because I know you don’t speak it."

He proceeded to deliver his message in Welsh. And then, for us non-Welsh speakers, he held up a onesie that had "Mummy will you marry Daddy?" written across the front. You see, Shaw is seven months pregnant with the couple's child.

I know, I know, I know. We all want to know the same thing here: HOW DID SHE REACT? At first, Tampin admits Shaw was a little embarrassed. "She was embarrassed at first seeing my face on the big screen because I didn't think she knew what was happening," he told Mashable. "But after, she was laughing and crying. But all happy tears."

Don't worry, guys, she said yes! And the audience was just as stoked as the couple was about the engagement. "She said yes and the audience, to be fair, was amazing," Tampin said. "They were clapping and cheering!"

The two are going to get started on wedding planning as soon as their baby is born and they're settled. For those of us wondering if the wedding will hang on to the Thor theme, Tampin really leaves us hanging. He told Mashable, "I'm not so sure, we may keep it simple, but then again, expect the unexpected."

Hmm... interesting. But anyway, congrats to the happy couple!

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