Courteney Cox Just Broke The Internet By Taking A Trip To Her NYC 'Friends' Apartment

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's nice to pretend that Friends fans can roam through New York City and track down locations used in the hit sitcom, but viewers are actually out of luck if they want to plan a themed sightseeing tour. Like most mainstream comedies, the Manhattan-based show filmed on a Los Angeles sound stage but featured exterior shots of real-life New York sights. This included shots of the apartment building where the majority of the characters lived, and Courteney Cox's Instagram at her Friends apartment just proved that you can always go home again.

ICYMI, Cox is way more humorous than her often uptight character Monica Geller was on Friends. Appearing as Monica on the NBC sitcom from 1994 to 2004, Cox helped neat freaks and perfectionists feel more comfortable with themselves, but compared to the other five friends, Monica was usually the one to reel in the group's antics. As a self-proclaimed Monica, I definitely don't mind her tendency to stick to the rules, but she's rarely mentioned as the ultimate favorite among the Friends characters. If you were never the biggest Monica fan, following Cox on social media may just change your mind about her.

The star joined Instagram in January and has since used the platform to poke fun at her most famous role. Her profile picture is of Fat Monica, aka the character's persona before an embarrassing encounter with a college-aged Chandler (Matthew Perry) encouraged her to lose weight. Cox has also shared throwback pics with her co-stars and recreated one of the show's most quotable moments in an Instagram video. But her latest nod to Friends is her best yet.

In a video posted in the early hours of March 21, Cox approaches the New York City street corner that appeared as the outside of Monica's apartment (90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove, in case you're curious). Cox tells the camera, "Good night, guys, I'm going home." As she continues walking, the same music Friends used during scene transitions plays.

Aw, Mon!

Cox even included a joke about how expensive Monica's home would be today. Realistically, it was always way outside a believable price range, but the series chalked up her purple apartment's affordability to rent control. Although she represented the character most settled into an adult lifestyle, Cox is totally aware of how shifty that explanation was.

"The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000," she wrote as the video's caption. True, though.

This isn't the first time Cox has been spotted with full-on Monica vibes. In December 2018, a fan caught her greeting former Friends guest star Tom Selleck at a New York restaurant. Selleck played Monica's older boyfriend Richard, who she broke up with after he admitted he didn't want more children at his age. Later in the series, he returned just as Chandler planned to propose to Monica, but Richard's sudden appearance only reminded Chandler how much he wanted to marry Monica.

Still, imagining that Monica and Richard met on the fly while Chandler was home with the twins is pretty mind-blowing.

Monica and Chandler moved out of the famous apartment in the series finale, but we can always pretend that Cox's video is confirmation that they eventually made their way back to their Manhattan home. Thanks for being there to fuel our nostalgic feels, Cox.