Jenny Han's tweet has 'To All the Boys' fans hopeful for a fourth book and movie.

'To All The Boys' Author Jenny Han Hinted She's Open To Making More Than 3 Movies


Netflix's To All the Boys movies have been a huge hit for rom-com fans, and Lara Jean's love story may actually continue on for a bit longer than anyone was expecting. Although the novel series that the movies are based on ends with book three, a new update has fans hopeful that author Jenny Han may pen a fourth book and turn it into yet another new movie for Netflix. So, could there be a To All the Boys 4 coming our way? It looks like there's a chance for more Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky.

The need for more To All the Boys is at a peak right now after the release of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You on the week of Valentine's Day. The new film adapted the second book in Han's novel series, and the cast has already filmed the upcoming third movie, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean, at the same time that they worked on the second one in 2019. Because the movies were filmed in conjunction, the third and final movie is expected to premiere on Netflix later in 2020.

With the end so close, fans are wondering if there may be a way to keep the To All the Boys movies going, and it sounds like Han is pondering that very same thing. In a recent profile by Variety, Noah Centineo confirmed he is totally down to reprise his role as Peter Kavinsky again, saying, "If Jenny Han writes a fourth book, sign me up!"

That quote caught Han's eye on Twitter, and she responded to it with a thinking emoji.

It seems like Han may be interested in writing a fourth book after all, which of course would mean at least one more To All the Boys movie to look forward to. After all, Centineo has already made it clear he is interested in returning, and Lana Condor responded to Han's tweet with applause, suggesting she would be up for bringing Lara Jean to life again.

And there is definitely still space to explore in Lara Jean's ever-growing romance that a fourth book could get into. Spoiler alert: The rest of this post discusses plot details from Always and Forever, Lara Jean, the third book in Jenny Han's series. The (current) final book of Han's series focuses on Lara Jean's college decision. While her boyfriend Peter gets into the University of Virginia, Lara Jean is rejected from the school and instead makes a plan to go to a nearby college so she and Peter can remain close. But in the end, Lara Jean gets accepted into the further away University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and decides to go there, despite the distance from Peter. The book ends with Lara Jean and Peter remaining strong and confident in their relationship as they prepare to head to separate schools.

The thing is, readers never got to find out what happened to Lara Jean and Peter when they actually started college apart, which would be a great focus for a fourth book. Will Lara Jean meet a new guy in college that threatens her long-distance relationship? Or, could she reconnect with an old flame like John Ambrose while at college? Fans are loving Jordan Fisher's take on the character in P.S. I Still Love You, so bringing him back for another movie would definitely be exciting.

Here's hoping that Jenny Han will get inspired to continue the love story and fans can look forward to another Netflix movie in the future. Until then, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean is expected to debut on Netflix later this year.