'Game Of Thrones' Fans Have A Wild Theory That Dany Never Actually Died


It doesn't come as a surprise to any longtime fans of Game of Thrones that the series ended on a bittersweet note. The show has a long history of metaphorically stabbing fans in the heart by killing beloved characters, and then developing plot twists that twisted the knife even further. That definitely happened in the series finale when Jon Snow murdered his beloved Daenerys as they embraced each other. Fans were devastated to watch a character they'd been cheering on for seasons get killed in the series' final hour. But, the good news is that there's a possibility that she isn't really gone thanks to a new fan theory. Could Daenerys still be alive in the Game of Thrones universe? Warning: Spoilers for Season 8 of Game of Thrones follow.

It's never easy to watch your heroes become villains, but that's exactly what happened for fans of Daenerys. The girl who won the hearts of millions as Khaleesi transformed into a tyrant who burned the people of King's Landing alive all in the name of her power-hungry aspirations. Despite his love for her, Jon upheld his sense of duty to the realm by putting an end to Daenerys' madness. Jon killing Daenerys protected the people of Westeros, but it was also devastating to lose a character fans have followed from the beginning. However, there's a fan theory that says that Daenerys might get resurrected in the near future after the final episode. After Daenerys is killed, her dragon Drogon picks up her body and flies away. Reddit user Psyduck-Stampede thinks that Drogon is taking Daenerys east to Asshai, a port city in the Shadowlands, where dragon eggs come from and where magic is regularly practiced. Supposedly, that magic could possibly bring Daenerys back to life life. Psyduck-Stampede said:

Drogon was last seen headed East. It’s very possible he is headed to his birthplace (egg-laying place?) and the land where other Dragons live. This is a natural development. Drogon would have no reason to stay in Westeros/Essos alone when the Shadowlands hold his kind. He could also be taking Dany to Asshai because he knows she can find help there.

The Reddit user goes on to say:

Drogon arrives in Asshai with Daenerys in her Queens garment. No doubt with Asshai being a still active port city, the people would have heard rumors of a dragon Queen in Essos with eggs from the Shadowlands. An opportunistic bloodmage/spellbinder finds her and Drogon, realizes she has a chance at power herself as repayment for her deed, and resurrects the Queen.

Another theory circulating proposes that Drogon is taking Daenerys to another Eastern city, but this time to a familiar face. Some fans believe that Drogon flies away to bring Daenerys' body to Volantis, where the High Priestess Kinvara. Audiences met Kinvara, who is a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light, in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, when she was convinced that Daenerys was the one who was promised to save the world. As fans saw with Melisandre and Jon Snow, Red Priestesses have the ability to bring people back from the dead. So since Kinvara is already a big Daenerys fan, there's a chance Drogon is bringing Daenerys to her so she can work her magic.

If any of these theories are true, it would require more Game of Thrones episodes to flesh them out. Unfortunately, though, there are no plans to make a Game of Thrones sequel, so fans will have to be content with only imagining the future Daenerys might have.