Guy Fieri Would Freak Over Converse's New Flame Sneakers

Everyone keeps writing about the "hottest" trends of summer, from neon everything to one-shoulder silhouettes to all things 2000s. While all of the above are certainly fiery in their own right, none of them can hold a candle to Converse's flame sneaker pack. The new footwear drop boasts a blazing kick that will turn up the heat on any outfit, so if you've been wanting to take your warm weather wardrobe to new heights, you'll definitely want to snag yourself a pair of these.

Before we get to the specifics of the shoes, I feel compelled to point out how hard Guy Fieri would rock them. If you've ever watched his show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, then you know that flame-licked bowler shirts are kind of his sartorial MO. He pairs them with chunky silver jewelry, brightly hued sport glasses, the occasional bandana, and his signature heavily bleached and spiked hair. The man is a straight up icon, so if you ship Fieri and/ or his show then these Converse kicks would be a great way to honor them. Side note: I, a super fan, was once Guy Fieri for Halloween and it was the comfiest costume ever —Amazon sells hair/ visor combos that'll help you nail the look. You're welcome.

Anyways, back to the shoes. The pack includes two classic Converse styles that have been heated way TF up.

The first is the All Star 70 Hi, which arrives with a classic black canvas upper, white rubber outsole, and white toe cap. Black piping along the sole adds a cool graphic feel, while white laces serve as a fresh contrast. The star is, of course, the flame design, which begins at the toe in a yolky yellow hue and, as it spreads towards the back of the shoe, melts into a tangerine orange and then cherry red. To me, it boasts a kind of punky, biker babe vibe and would look so rad paired with high waisted black shorts and a vintage tee. Who knows, maybe I'd throw sport sunglasses on for good measure! You can shop the All Star 70 Hi now at for $85.

Next up is the Chuck 70 Ox, which is a low-top silhouette and will therefore keep you cool for summer. It arrives in a crisp white color way, with a white canvas upper, white rubber outsole, and classic white toe cap. Like the high-top model, it also features black piping along its outsole as well as white laces. Flames also engulf the front half of this shoe, but they look extra fiery set against a stark snow-colored background. The Chuck 70 Ox is available to shop now at for $80.

Into the fire but want something a little more colorful? You're in luck.

You can also snag yourself a pair of low tops featuring a black canvas upper complete with a rainbow flame — yes, they're the perfect shoe for Pride month and beyond. Shop them at for $80.

Which trip to Flavortown will you be taking?