Cointreau x Bumble Margarita Monday Events Will Score You Free Drinks

Courtesy of Cointreau x Bumble

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aside from seeing a movie and going out for dinner, grabbing drinks has to be one of the most popular date ideas. And regardless of what your drink of choice might be, you will be happy to know that one popular dating app will be treating users to free margaritas across the country for the entirety of June. That's right — if you haven't already heard about Cointreau x Bumble's Margarita Monday deal for June 2019, they're basically paying for you to go on giant group dates all month long.

If you've had an OG margarita (aka, not just margarita mix blended with tequila and ice), you have probably tried Cointreau. The orange liqueur is fundamental in a classic version of the beloved cocktail. And the margarita must-have is saving the day by partnering with popular dating app Bumble to unveil Margarita Mondays.

According to the press release, Bumble BFF and Bumble Date users will get the chance to connect in real life over free margaritas (that's right — totally free!) that will be provided by Cointreau. This amazing collab was inspired by a drive to bring people together and to build relationships. This lets people engage in real life over the one and only Margarita... what could be better?

The kick-off event was held in New York City at The Bowery during the week of May 20, hosted by Bumble's Head Creatives, Erin and Sara Foster. From there, it will move on to popular bars throughout Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California, according to the press release. All attendees will receive complimentary margaritas, the chance to take free mixology classes, as well as other bonding opportunities, so friends and dates can get to know each other in a fun and light-hearted group setting.

If you happen to be a Bumble BFF or Bumble Date user and you want to get in on these Margarita Mondays, simply keep swiping through the app, according to the release. When a match is made on the app in one of the event regions, the Margarita Monday event offer will become available. Also note that eligible Bumble users are served "Margarita Monday Guides," which lead them to top Cointreau Margarita destinations in those same key cities.

Courtesy of Cointreau x Bumble

If you're a Bumble BFF or Bumble Date user that isn't able to make it to your region's event, don't sweat it. According to the press release, the beverage brand will be hosting a series of Margarita Monday events throughout the entirety of the summer. So, like I said, if you can't make it to your city's Margarita Monday, don't worry — they'll probably be heading your way again soon.

Maybe you don't live in any of the above regions that will be blessed with Cointreau and Bumble's Margarita Mondays, or you and your date might not be big on drinking. If that's the case, however, you aren't totally SOL. Just check out these 50 cool date ideas. Between karaoke, barcades, workout classes, and petting dogs at the dog park, there are so many fun and interesting ways to get to know people.

In my personal opinion, one of the best ways to get to know someone is over a couple of drinks. So if you ask me, Cointreau and Bumble are doing it right with Margarita Mondays. Between free cocktails and mixology classes, dating is about to get way more fun this month.