Coca-Cola Is Introducing Its First Alcoholic Drink & It's Not What You'd Expect

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're a mixed drink kind of guy or gal, you'd probably agree that Coca-Cola is one of the single most versatile mixers in the history of mixed drinks... am I right? Whether you're whipping up a classic Jack and Coke, or if there's a rum and Diet Coke sitting at the bar with your name on it, there's really no way to go wrong by adding a little Coke to your going-out festivities. And finally, beckoning to all of our most passionate wishes, Coca-Cola's first alcoholic drink is coming soon... but before you get too excited, understand that it's not entirely what you're expecting.

Coca-Cola's first bottled alcoholic beverage is set to debut in Japan, according to CNN Money, and it's not actually going to taste like those rum and Cokes that many of us know and love. Their up-and-coming mixed drink is going to be a part of the Japanese Chu-Hi market. Chu-Hi is a canned mixed drink, traditionally made with a popular Japanese spirit called shochu, a liquor distilled from grains. In terms of taste, Chu-Hi beverages typically include sparkling water, as well as other added flavors. We're not entirely sure what Coca-Cola's Chu-Hi flavor is going to be, but we're seriously hoping for something amazing... and for it to be available in the U.S. as soon as possible, please.

Most traditional Chu-Hi drinks, according to The Financial Times, have an alcohol percentage that can range from three to eight percent... so since you were probably curious, a can of Chu-Hi can most definitely get the party started. Major Japanese producers, such as Takara, Suntory, Kirin, and Asahi, have released flavors such as yogurt to wild basil. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, has declined to splurge on further details, and unfortunately hasn't yet specified the flavor of their version. Needless to say, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

According to Coca-Cola's website, Jorge Garduño, the president of Coca-Cola's business unit in Japan, explained that Coca-Cola's Japanese branch is currently looking to expand outside of their usual range of products.

Garduño said in interview with Coca-Cola,

Coca-Cola has always focused entirely on non-alcoholic beverages, and this is a modest experiment for a specific slice of our market.

Along with this, Garduño specified, to our dismay, that mixed drinks probably won't emerge among Coca-Cola beverages worldwide — and TBH, I am heartbroken... and I might be panicking a little bit. Should I take an impromptu trip to Japan? If anyone reading this is there right now, please plan on sending me a 6-pack, or even just a can, because I'm dying from sheer curiosity to just try one. Seriously, I'll Venmo you.

Garduño talked about why the world might not see this product, and said,

But I don’t think people around the world should expect to see this kind of thing from Coca-Cola. While many markets are becoming more like Japan, I think the culture here is still very unique and special, so many products that are born here will stay here.

If Chu-Hi doesn't sound like your vibe and if you're looking for a little wake-me-up, Coca-Cola created a coffee-flavored Coca-Cola drink last fall, and honestly, it sounds like pure heaven. The drink, called Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar, is kind of a mouthful, but it sounds like the teeny little boost I need on a regular basis. Although it was unfortunately only released in Australia, it sounds like the drank of my dreams — and I could seriously use a can or two right here, right now.

Whether you're an avid mixed drink fan (holla) or if coffee is more your speed, Coca-Cola has some pretty rad drinks... except a few of them aren't actually available in the U.S. right now. So I'm personally feeling a little salty about this — but in all honesty, if any of you have access to these wildly creative Coke drinks, please hit me up. I'm getting kind of desperate.