This Clue On Kylie Jenner's Instagram May Mean She's Not Actually Pregnant – UPDATE

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We have more clues in the never-ending quest to find out for certain if Kylie Jenner is pregnant or not. Ever since the first report about Jenner expecting, fans have been trying to track down the truth... you know, since she hasn’t confirmed or denied anything personally. These clues on Instagram that Kylie Jenner isn't pregnant are just making everything more confusing, it turns out.

Update: On Sunday, Feb. 4, Kylie Jenner confirmed her pregnancy in an Instagram post. She welcomed a daughter on Thursday, Feb. 1.

Earlier: Fans started speculating that if Jenner didn’t wear a Halloween costume, that would be proof enough that she is definitely pregnant. OK, so it’s not an iron-clad means of determining anything, but it’s a fair enough assumption to make because she might not want to worry about hiding a baby bump in a costume. Many waited patiently to see if this was the moment that would cement the truth about the Jenner pregnancy reports, so let's see how it all played out.

So, she did wear a costume after all, taking to Instagram to show off her cute look. But does this mean Jenner isn’t pregnant after all? Who knows? Even though she turned out in a costume, she only showed it off from the chest up, so fans are still curious if she’s got a baby bump she’s not revealing. Always keep ‘em guessing, Kylie.

If there’s anything the Kardashians and Jenners know, it’s how to keep an air of mystery around everything, so well played.

Let’s kick it back to all the buzz on Twitter when people were sure if Jenner didn’t produce a costume pic, she was legit pregnant. One fan put it out there, writing: “If Kylie Jenner doesn’t dress up for Halloween she’s pregnant.”

Another noted: “If Kylie Jenner doesn't post her Halloween costume she pregnant idc lol.”

And now let’s check out Jenner’s oh-so-cute, but definitely not tummy revealing costume choice: an angel. Hey, I see what she did there, looking all innocent, dressed in white with those giant angel wings, in contrast to her devil counterpart, BFF Jordyn Woods. The comments flooded the Instagram snap of her costume with remarks like: “Halloween pregnant,” “But r u pregnant?,” and the all important statement: “cropping out the bump.” Others wanted to see more (like a bump, perhaps?), with one person commenting: “Cute!! Show the whole thing.”

Jenner also posted a couple of videos that showed off her costume, but again, she kept everything cropped from the chest up. You’re killing us, Kylie.

So, have we gotten any closer to clarity on the pregnancy matter? Ugh. No.

People are now weighing in on the costume pics, with one fan pointing out: “Kylie Jenner is definitely pregnant. Goes from posting promiscuous full body pics on instagram to only posting shoulder up pics.”

Another fan added: “I guess Kylie really is pregnant. She’s been in neck up twitter for over a month."

This fan is convinced the pregnancy reports are true, tweeting: “Kylie has to be pregnant... she's made sure not to post any pics unless they're from her boobs up.”

And this is beginning to feel like a definite reality: “I feel like we aren’t going to know if Kylie Jenner is pregnant until she gives birth.” OMG.

Another fan guessed that even though the chest-up pics/videos might appear to give a hint that Jenner is pregnant, it might not be the case: "I do not believe Kylie Jenner is pregnant. She's most likely just milking these rumors for the show and or likes the attention."

This fan noted: “Lmfao Kylie is doing a great job at keeping this belly hidden lol but I don’t think she’s pregnant.”

At this point, anything is a possible theory. If you're feeling more confused than ever, you're not alone.

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