Clare Crawley in a black top, white skirt, beige heels and a pink purse on a red carpet event

Body Language Expert Says Clare & Dale's Kiss Is Missing One Key Thing

by Candice Jalili
Jesse Grant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The teaser for the new season of The Bachelorette is finally here and Clare Crawley and Dale Moss' body language while kissing provides viewers with some unexpected intel on their connection. About 27 seconds into the teaser, the producers delight Bachelor Nation fans by sneaking a quick clip of Crawley and Moss engaged in what appears to the naked eye to be a very steamy make-out sesh. But, according to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, there's even more to be gleaned from the quick round of tonsil hockey.

According to Brown, it's actually "kind of a weird kiss." On the one hand, she says it "seems passionate" in that "they are both gently pulling each other in."

On the other hand, the way they're leaning toward each other is creating a distance between them in a key area. "They’re leaning in a lot, which means their pelvic areas are very far apart," Brown explains. "That’s where you look to determine true connection. Closer is more intimate. So, there’s just something not quite right."

Now, of course, this clip is just a teaser and doesn't paint a full picture of their kiss so it's hard to make any real analysis off of it. "It’s just a quick clip, so I’m sure there’s missing info that would give us more insight," Brown explains.

The reason I'm jonesing for any sort of intel I can possibly get on Crawley's connection with Moss is because it's been heavily rumored that she left the show after just 12 days of filming in order to be with him. On July 30, a source reportedly told Life & Style that Crawley apparently refused to continue filming because she had “already fallen in love” with Moss.

A few days later, on Aug. 3, a source reportedly told People Crawley and Moss had apparently been talking since before the show started filming. That said, three days later on Aug. 6, Crawley's pal Michelle Money took to her Instagram Story to straight-up say, "Clare Crawley never spoke to Dale before filming."

OK, now here's where things get super juicy: On Aug. 25, Bachelor Nation Guru Reality Steve said during an Instagram Live that Crawley and Moss "are together and most certainly engaged.” (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Crawley and Moss multiple times for comment on their relationship status and reported engagement, and did not hear back.)

So, uh, yeah. You can see why I'm exhausting any resources I possibly can to find some deets here.