You Can Fly To Ireland For Free With Your Fave Travel Buddy Thanks To CIE Tours' Latest Promo

Traveling by yourself is awesome and beautiful, and IMO, you definitely need to do it at least once in your life. That being said, though, I'm always down to take a trip with any one of my besties, my boyfriend, or even with my mom. So, you could probably imagine how excited I was when I noticed that CIE Tours' January 2019 free flight promo includes buy-one-get-one plane fares. It makes that highly-anticipated Euro trip so much more affordable.

If you haven't already heard about CIE Tours International, it's a travel company known for planning out 'Gram-worthy vacations to Britain and Ireland. And if you use them to book a seven day or longer trip to Ireland this month, according to the CIE Tours website, you will be able to get BOGO flights for you and a companion when you go to the CIE Tours' two-for-one air webpage. That's right, you could bring your cousin, BFF, or significant other to Ireland on a totally free flight. The two of you will then be able to explore everything the Emerald Isle has to offer, from pubs, to food, nature, and — of course — the rich culture, with a lot more cash in your pocket. Sounds like quite an enticing opportunity to me.

Make sure to check CIE's website to pick which tour you want to take ahead of time — there are so many cool themes that qualify for the deal. First, though, you should know that you need to book your tour for Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales by Jan. 31, and it's good for travel from April 1 through Sept. 31, per the website. And to make sure you get the free flight, use promo code "2FOR119" when you check out.

According to CIE's website, some of the "qualifying" tours include: an Irish Pub Tour, Wild Atlantic Way, an Irish Foodie Tour, Irish Heritage, Irish Myths & Legends, and their most popular tour, the Taste of Ireland. For real, each and every one of these sound right up my alley, and picking just one will be nearly impossible... but, keep in mind that whichever you end up choosing will be amazing. And, most importantly, you'll definitely get a chance to kick back with a pint or two at some point or another.

While deciding on the best tour experience will be relatively harrowing, choosing your travel companion might be even tricker. To narrow things down, though, think about it this way: the perfect travel buddy has a select few qualities that would make for your ideal wanderlust companion. They know how to stay positive in difficult situations, for example, and they probably have similar interests to yours. They should also have a somewhat similar budget to yours, as well as a common desire for adventure. While a number of people in my life definitely come to mind, I can basically narrow it down to a select few pals who would make my trip straight-up magical.

Maybe you're still recovering from that trip you took over your Christmas break, or if you're anything like me, you might already be mapping out each and every one of your 2019 vacations. Regardless, you shouldn't miss out on CIE's January sale, which is downright perfect for any wanderlustin' duo on a budget. Regardless of whichever trip you pick, I can pretty much guarantee your Ireland vacation will be absolutely magical. Also, if you can't decide on your travel companion, keep me in mind! I'm down for anything.

Editor's note: The promo code has been updated to "2FOR119" to reflect an updated version of the website, according to CIE Tours.