Christina Aguilera's "Loyal Brave True" music video from 'Mulan' is out on YouTube now.

Christina Aguilera’s New ‘Mulan’ Song Is A Powerful Successor To “Reflection”

Disney fans everywhere remember the soulful ballad, "Reflection," that Christina Aguilera sang for the Disney animated film Mulan in 1998. As the release of the new live-action remake of Mulan on Disney+ nears, Disney released a brand new Mulan anthem from Aguilera. Christina Aguilera's "Loyal Brave True" music video from Mulan is on YouTube now, and it gives some significant nods to "Reflection."

Disney dropped the music video for Aguilera's "Loyal Brave True" on the official Disney Music channel on Friday, Aug. 14. The ballad starts with a dreamy, red-tinted landscape and a striking black silhouette of the singer while shifting to action shots of Liu Yifei, who plays Mulan in the upcoming film. The video's whimsical imagery includes red, fluffy clouds, red ribbons and Chinese characters drawn by Yifei's movements, and a graceful, avant-garde outfit worn by Aguilera. Her black gown and top knot are eye-catching enough to steal the entire show, honestly, but together the whole thing is on point.

The first verse pays homage to the themes of family, honor, and duty. "War is not freedom / Over my shoulder / I see a clearer view," Aguilera begins. "All for my family / Reason I'm breathing / Everything to lose."

Once the chorus kicks in, it's clear that the song directly refers to "Reflection" in the lyrics: "Should I ask myself in the water/ What a warrior would do?/ Tell me, underneath my armor/ Am I loyal, brave and, true?/ Am I loyal, brave, and true?"

The rest of the song continues the themes of strength and vulnerability. TBH, the tune's entire vibe brings forth memories of "Reflection," as does Aguilera's powerful sound, so fans couldn't ask for a better successor to the iconic song. There's reportedly also going to be an updated version of "Reflection" for the live-action adaptation, first announced when Aguilera told fans at an Xperience performance at her Las Vegas residency on Feb. 26, but the song has yet to be released.

You can watch the full music video for "Loyal Brave True" below:

While the film was first slated for a theatrical release, Mulan is instead coming to Disney+ on Friday, Sept. 4. The company announced the change on Tuesday, Aug. 4, as many U.S. theaters have remained shuttered due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The film was previously set to premiere on March 27, before being moved to July 24, and then rescheduled to Aug. 21.

To watch Mulan when it hits Disney+, you'll need to be a subscriber to the streaming service first, which runs for $6.99 per month. You may also opt for the Hulu and ESPN bundle with the platform, which is $12.99 per month. However, subscribers won't be able to simply click and stream. Because Mulan is skipping theaters, you'll also have to pay a premium fee to stream it, a new feature Disney+ is calling "Premier Access." To get Premier Access to Mulan you'll need to purchase it for $29.99 once it is available for streaming.

Streaming the new movie may sound pricey, but with powerful new songs like "Loyal Brave True" and the promise of revamped versions of classics like "Reflection," Disney fans are definitely going to get their money's worth when Mulan hits Disney+ on Friday, Sept. 4.