This Video Of Luna Carrying Her Puppy Petey Will Instantly Brighten Your Day

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Luna Stephens signs her own autographs, is a regular on set at The Voice with her dad, John Legend, and is constantly photographed at star-studded events with her mom, Chrissy Teigen. But when the 3-year-old is at home relaxing, she simply loves playing with her pets, which make for the cutest Instagram posts. Chrissy Teigen's video of Luna carrying their puppy Petey might just be the most adorable video of the toddler yet.

After a busy Valentine's Day weekend, Legend, Teigen, and Luna settled in for a quiet night at home on Monday, Feb. 17. Teigen was back on her social media A-game, posting hilarious pics from her time at the Chainsmokers concert, as well as sweet snaps of her and Luna watching Legend perform at his concert. Giving her followers exactly what they wanted, Teigen then posted a super chic picture of Peanut Butter the hamster wearing couture and videos of Luna doting on their recently rescued Golden-doodle puppy.

In one clip, Teigen asked the tot if she's still able to carry the growing pup, to which Luna confidently replied, "Yeah." As she struggled to pick up the wiggly dog, Legend could be heard telling Luna to "be gentle" with Petey, and the outcome was this precious video below.

The look of concern in Petey's eyes is hilarious, but it's safe to say the pup is fond of Luna as his tail is wagging while she attempts to pick him up off the ground.

Petey has certainly grown since Legend and Teigen rescued him in January. Check out how tiny Petey was just six weeks ago when Luna and Miles showed off their new puppy brother on Teigen's Instagram.

Luna had no problem carrying Petey on Jan. 5.

The struggle is now real for Luna, just look at this pic that shows their size comparison on Feb. 17.

Chrissy Teigen on Instagram

No matter how big Petey gets, he and Luna will be BFFs for years to come.