Chrissy Teigen has been live-tweeting her 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' playthrough.

Chrissy Teigen Wants To Murder The ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny & TBH, I Get It

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Animal Crossing has always been one of the most chill video games ever, but a festive new event has a lot of players losing their cool... including Chrissy Teigen. Ever since Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released on March 20, memes, jokes, and insights about the adorable game have taken over social media. One famous fan is Teigen. The model has been live-tweeting her play-through for a couple weeks now, and Chrissy Teigen's tweets about Animal Crossing: New Horizons are such a wild ride because the run the gamut from sweet to straight-up violent.

Like so many people quarantining and practicing social distancing right now, Teigen jumped at the opportunity to get lost in Animal Crossing's newest release. As with past games in the two-decade Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players their own towns to build and manage, filled with cute animal residents and quaint activities like fishing and growing flowers. The relaxing, escapist game came at the perfect time for quarantined gamers, but a new update had Teigen fuming on Twitter.

To celebrate the beginning of spring, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced a special Bunny Day event on Wednesday, April 1. The event brought a yellow bunny named Zipper to players' islands, who tasked players with hunting down a bunch of eggs he had hidden. Sounds pretty cute, right? Well, not really. Teigen, like many other players, soon discovered that there are a lot more eggs than necessary, and that as his name suggests, Zipper seems to be hiding a shady secret. It's safe to say Teigen is not a fan of the bunny, writing that she wanted to throw him in the river.

Honestly, Teigen is far from alone in her sentiments. The Bunny Day event has been getting a ton of hate online from players, primarily because the endless amount of hidden eggs has become more annoying than exciting. The eggs will go away after the event ends on Sunday, April 12, though, so Teigen and any other annoyed gamers just have to stick out one more egg-filled week.

While Teigen has yet to actually show fans what her Animal Crossing island looks like, she's shared a bit about her decorating aesthetic online. Apparently, Teigen isn't a fan of crafting her own furniture, and prefers to keep her town very organized with specific rows of flowers.

Teigen also voiced her disinterest in visiting other players' islands or inviting them to hers, saying she just prefers to hang out on her own.

She is also getting her daughter Luna into the game. Teigen said that she taught Luna how to do a few basic money-making tasks to help her out.

And of course, Twitter is also the best place to get answers when Teigen finds herself stuck or confused in the game.

It's clear Teigen is a diehard Animal Crossing stan. She even posted about downloading the game right when it became available at midnight on March 20.

Expect Teigen to keep tweeting out her hilarious thoughts on Animal Crossing: New Horizons as she continues to play the game. I can't wait to see how she's going to react to Zipper's return on April 12, because I'm sure she is going to have some more choice words about the bunny.