Chrissy Teigen Is Beefing With Hockey Stans On Twitter For The Most Ridiculous Reason

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It’s a well-known fact that you shouldn’t ever mess with Chrissy Teigen, especially if you’re trying to roast her on social media. She will hit you right back with a heavy dose of your own medicine. And you’d better be prepared! Unfortunately, for some doting hockey fans, Teigen came at them in full force this week. Teigen and several dedicated hockey fans (as well as a pro hockey player) all went back and forth about a myriad of topics, including whether Teigen could be a goalie. And you know what? Chrissy Teigen’s feud with hockey fans is exactly what the world has come to expect from her.

Not that it’s a bad thing! Teigen's social media antics make for some hilarious moments. And she definitely provides loads of entertainment for her millions of followers.

So, what exactly happened that led to this strange feud between Teigen and hockey fanatics? Basically, Teigen tweeted that she could “absolutely be a hockey goalie.” And that, of course, enraged hockey fans and players alike.

I mean, it takes serious work to be a hockey goalie (seriously). Well, some hockey fans thought it was their job to let Teigen know, so they started harassing her on Twitter.

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When the L.A. Kings tweeted her and asked her to come to tryouts, Teigen apparently enraged fans by tweeting this:

Yes WAIT TIL YOU SEE THIS. you won’t regret it. I’m gonna be like that guy who tried out for the NFL at 30. What’s his name...mark wahlberg.

And this:

I ran some numbers and if you lay on your side and lift your top leg up and down the entire game, you stop 99.9% of attempted goals. The rest is up to defense.

And that’s when things REALLY got fun (and hairy).

See, Anaheim Ducks player Ryan Miller seemed to jokingly take offense to Teigen’s obviously comedic tweets. And then he decided to quote her and mock everything she was saying. Here’s what went down on Miller’s Twitter account:

Yikes! Clearly, people take their sports very seriously and don’t appreciate when a supermodel (who is also a TV show host and cookbook queen) makes a joke out of their profession.

In all honesty, it’s understandable. Everyone works hard at their crafts and if yours happens to be a sport, then I can see why you wouldn’t want someone to make a game out of a... game.

But Teigen was joking, as she always seems to be. So, it really wasn’t that serious. Several other people knew she was joking and tweeted this in response to her suggestion that she could be a goalie:

If you tape pillows on your arms over the pads you can cover the additional .01%... hall of fame here you come.

Another Twitter user came to her defense as well:

suggesting the only reason she looks “hot” is bc she’s posing in an exotic location. pretty easy to see chrissy was just making a joke about playing goalie but miller decides to attack personal appearance. bad taste

And yet another person did the same:

yeah full offense this was a very poorly-received joke and idk why you guys are showcasing it. he could have had the best intentions but that is 100% NOT how it was perceived; it genuinely read as very demeaning and very rude

Needless to say, it wasn’t all negative feedback, which I’m sure was a relief for Teigen.

Hopefully the hockey fans and pros of the world can take a step back and look at these situations with more humor and humility in the future. As for Teigen, maybe she'll scale back on her social media joke-making. Something tells me she won’t, though. She’s too brilliant at it to quit now!