Chrissy Is Officially On TikTok & She Definitely Doesn't Know How To Use It

Karwai Tang/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sound the alarms: The queen just got a TikTok account. Well, the queen of social media, that is. Chrissy Teigen joined TikTok on Feb. 11 and fans are already going bananas over her first three videos. The star doesn't seem to know exactly how to use the app just yet, but there's no doubt she'll master it quickly. The campaign for Chrissy to do the "Renegade" starts now.

Surprisingly, Chrissy wasn't immediately verified on the platform. Early commenters were quick to note how surprised they were to see the celeb pop up on the For You Pages, especially considering the fact she's verified and extremely popular on every other social media platform. "I will be bringing up the fact that I followed Chrissy Teigen on TikTok before she was famous in every single convo I have this week," one user replied to her first video.

Chrissy's debut post on the platform showed off her eye-rolling skills to a Shygirl sound as she seemed to test out recording herself for the app. She captioned her second video, "Am I doing this right?" The answer to her question, unfortunately, was "no," since she missed out on a great transformation transition to go along with the "I'm So Pretty" audio. There is a learning curve to making the perfect TikTok, though, so none of her commenters judged her too harshly.

"Does anyone just use this as a normal thing, like, just talking?" Chrissy asked her viewers in her third and most recent post on the platform. Commenters, once again, rushed to help out the 35-year-old, informing her that she could use her account to make whatever content she wanted.

Since fans are so helpful in her comments section, Chrissy will surely have a handle on the app's many effects and functions in no time. Her follower count is quickly rising, but it still hadn't hit 50,000 within her first few hours of posting, despite her clips netting hundreds of thousands of views. Maybe some viewers didn't click "follow" right at first because her profile picture was clip-art of a chicken drumstick, leading them to believe the account was fake. She did confirm via her official Instagram, however, that the account is very much real. Let the Teigen-Tok-ing begin.