Chrissy Metz's Zodiac Sign Shows She’s An Easy-Going Partner

Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Chrissy Metz is in love, and she let the world know it in the cutest and most romantic way ever: with a super mushy Instagram post about her new love on National Boyfriend Day. It's all just so very Libra of her, which makes sense considering it's Chrissy Metz's zodiac sign. "Happy #nationalboyfriendday to my dreamboat! Bradley, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I wanted and needed to know you," Metz wrote. "Now I feel so lucky to love you. You can #Collinsmesmitten for sure! Thank you for being the absolute wonder that you are, I love you.♡." Aww, so cute!

The guy who's claimed the This Is Us star's heart is Bradley T. Collins, a Nashville-based music exec at BMI and real estate agent. The two have been dating since May, or so Collins said in his equally gushy post on IG celebrating Metz's birthday in September. "Happy Birthday to my love, Chrissy. From our first date in May, you've had me #Metzmerized with love, laughter, and kindness," he captioned the birthday post. "You're not the best thing that's happened during quarantine; you're the best that's ever happened to me. I love you. You the Best! ♡"

Honestly, they're the cutest. They're both romantics, seemingly in equal measure, and Metz, born Sept. 29, 1980, under the sign of Libra, is ruled by Venus and symbolized by balanced scales, so this relationship appears to be pretty much the ideal one for her. Here's what else we can divide about what Metz is like as a partner herself based on her zodiac sign.

Libra's about as easy going as they come.

Libra is super chill and, as an air sign, they like to keep things light and go with the flow. Their moods are steady and they like to keep the peace. They just want a partner they can relax with and take in all the beauty life has to offer. While they can be a bit indecisive, caught up in weighing the pros and cons of any situation, they're also happy to follow their partners' lead. That's so long as they're being treated with respect and love — then Libra’s even keeled, low-stress vibe is infectious, which makes them a joy to be around.

Libra's the life of the party.

Libra is a natural social butterfly. They can go anywhere and fit in easily with any crowd. They make friends everywhere they go, whether that’s at a get-together or the grocery store. People can’t help but be charmed by this warm, relaxed, and socially skilled sign, which makes them great companions for life and someone you definitely can take home to meet the parents.

They'll do just about anything to avoid confrontation.

It's not hard to get along well with Libra, but all relationships inevitably have their ups and downs. The problem Libra encounters is that, when they're feeling those downs, they have trouble speaking up. Libra will do just about anything they can to not have to face confrontation. Rather than expressing their needs and resolving an issue, they'll swallow their feelings until they erupt. Even then they may need their partner to pry it out of them. This can be frustrating for everyone involved, as Libra can grow resentful and frustrated, and their partner ends up feeling blindsided when Libra's feelings are finally unleashed. Learning to communicate before things reach this point is key for longterm happiness with a Libra partner.

They're true romantics.

Thanks to their connection to Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, Libra is truly romantic and the most in touch with their feelings of all the air signs. They want a pure, forever kind of love and are happiest when they're partnered up. They want the balance and harmony of a real partnership and, when they find that, they're happy to pile on the affection and sweet gestures to show just how much they care. One thing to always keep in mind with a Libra is that they expect reciprocity; they want to get what they give, and they give generously. In other words, never take this sweet and loving sign for granted.

From what fans can spy on social media, it looks like Metz may have truly met her match and someone who can be her kind of “us.” And we love to see it.