Chris Hemsworth’s Zodiac Sign Makes Him A Superhero Partner

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Chris Hemsworth may be known as one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, but he's also one of the most unavailable. Hemsworth has been happily married to Spanish actor Elsa Pataky for almost 10 years (they wed in December 2010), and the couple share three adorable kiddos. Their relationship was a total whirlwind romance. They were first introduced by their shared talent agent, William Ward, and married just three months later. That may sound impulsive, but when you consider Chris Hemsworth's zodiac sign, it all makes perfect sense. And with a decade of wedded bliss under this couple's belt, it looks like Hemsworth is just as much of a superhero as a partner as he is on the big screen.

Hemsworth was born Aug. 11, 1983, under the sign of Leo. This sign is known for their huge heart, unwavering optimism, and warmth. They have a charm and charisma that draws people to them with a gravitational force not unlike their ruling heavenly body, the Sun. However, like the Sun, Leo expects to be the center of their own personal solar system. Fortunately, this is balanced by a truly generous spirit. Here's what else we can surmise about what it's like to be loved by Hemsworth based on his zodiac sign.

Loyalty Is Everything To A Leo.

Leo is the most loyal sign in the zodiac. When this lion considers you a part of their pride, there's nothing they wouldn’t do to protect you and have your back. Leo sees their partner as a true teammate and expects the same degree of loyalty in return. If they ever feel like the loyalty isn’t reciprocal, or that their SO is taking someone else's side over theirs, they can feel betrayed. But as long as they feel loved and supported, trusting your heart to a Leo is usually a very safe bet.

This Sign Has No Shortage Of Passion.

Like all their fellow fire signs, Leo is never short on passion for life. Leo sees the world as being full of possibility and excitement, and they're ready to take on any challenge with alacrity. This confident sign has very few inhibitions in the bedroom and, as such, is up for just about anything — so long as it means that their adoring partner is showing great appreciation for Leo’s appearance and skills. They're generous lovers, but they expect plenty of praise in return.

They Can Be A Lot To Handle Sometimes.

There are so many reasons to be attracted to a Leo. They're fun and uplifting to be around, and their optimism and enthusiasm are infectious. But they can also be quite a handful to deal with. They're natural leaders, so they often expect to be the more dominant partner in their relationships and can find themselves butting heads with their partners over this. They can also have a bit of a possessive streak. When you're part of their pack, they're extremely loyal, but they can also hold on tight if they feel like someone's slipping away, which can sometimes feel a bit confining.

Finally, Leo loves attention, and a lot of it. They aren’t always great at recognizing when things are legitimately just not about them. While this can definitely become a source of frustration in the relationship, Leo’s saving grace is that their heart truly is in the right place.

Leo’s Warmth And Generosity Make Them Incredible Partners.

Leo's a bit of a dichotomy. On the one hand, they expect all attention and eyes on them, but on the other, they're incredibly generous. They love to lavish attention on their partner to the point of doting on them. They also love to spoil the people they care about and give them all the best things in life to the best of their ability. This can mean anything from cooking carefully crafted meals to splurging on vacations and luxurious gifts. They live for the moment when they see your face light up with appreciation and gratitude. The point is, Leo appreciates the finer things, and if you have their heart, they think you deserve the best things too.

When you look at Leo like that, it’s really no mystery why Hemsworth has been so lucky in love with Pataky. You might even say he makes for a Marvel-ous partner! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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