Chris and Bri on 'Listen to Your HEart'

Here's What Happened With Chris & Bri After 'Listen To Your Heart'

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Aside from Chris Harrison, who would have thought music was the key to finding love? The final episode of the Bachelor spinoff aired May 18, and as happens with most reality shows, after the credits rolled, the questions really began, especially when it came to the status of the show's winning couple. It turns out, Chris and Bri's relationship after Listen To Your Heart is still going strong.

Warning: Spoilers follow for the finale of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. From the start, viewers had a feeling Chris Watson and Bri Stauss were endgame. And it wasn't just fans of the show who had that inkling. "[When] I first met Bri, I said, 'All right. Let me just meet her and make an impression and then wait till tomorrow because all the guys are going to try to be getting after her. She's a dime piece,'" Chris tells Elite Daily. "I feel like I kind of barely played the game, and then by Night 2, when we really connected as shown on Episode 1, it was really kind of it."

"I wrote in my journal the night that I met him and I was, like, 'Chris is so cute,' and then the next day we finally had time to really talk and hit it off, and the rest is history," Bri adds.

Week after week, the duo continued to be a fan-fave thanks to their powerhouse vocals and sweet connection.

Chris and Bri are possibly the least dramatic relationship in all of Bachelor history. It wasn't until the final episode, when they turned down the opportunity to have a Fantasy Suite date and Bri was unsettled the next day, viewers sensed something may have been off with them.

Though it might have seemed like a red flag for the couple's future, it was simply a rough patch. "I was honestly very, very nervous for the finale. I am a perfectionist, and I was really afraid that I was going to let Chris down, and then, ultimately, let myself down, and so I just put a lot of pressure on myself," Bri says.

Chris was a bit more confident. "We were definitely prepared to go home and lose," he explains. "We didn't know what the judges were going to think, but by the time we started singing, I felt like we had it in the bag."

Despite the nerves, Chris and Bri wowed the judges and snagged the final roses. After rushing off to their tour bus, it seemed they were set for a lifetime of stardom, with the prize of a record deal and a tour in their near future. However, the finale was filmed in February, so not long after their win, the coronavirus pandemic quickly changed their plans.

"We did finish our album in about two months, and we recorded in different studios, in different states," Bri says. "Due to the current climate, obviously, touring isn't an option right now, but it is something that we are definitely going to do in the future."

Stay-at-home orders went into place while Chris and Bri were in different states, but even though they're not quarantining together, the couple's connection hasn't been disrupted. "The words 'engagement' are very real to us, and they're not words we're shying away from, but we're definitely taking it slow," Chris says of the couple's future.

"Slow, but serious," Bri adds.

The two say they're still in touch with their fellow Listen To Your Heart cast mates, and once the global health climate becomes more stable, they hope to get more involved with the rest of Bachelor Nation. In fact, they think some of their co-stars could be great additions to Bachelor in Paradise. "Honestly, I think all of them would be amazing," Bri says. "But there's a few that stick out, like classic Michael Todd." Chris agrees, and adds that Jamie, Julia, Brandon, and Russell would also be great additions.

While no news has been released about whether Paradise will film in 2020, if it does, it's pretty clear neither Chris nor Bri will be there. "We said it way before the finale, before the last performances — we were, like, 'Yeah, we already won,'" Chris says. "I wanted to find love and I already found that, so I'm good."

Additional reporting by Lexi Williams