Chloe Kim Is Relatable AF On Twitter & I Want To Be Best Friends

by Chelsea Stewart
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

After following Chloe Kim on social media for the past month or so, I can honestly declare that she's my long-lost sister. (Probably.) Whether she's tweeting about how hungry she is in the middle of an Olympic competition or claiming herself as her own valentine, I can't get enough of her. There aren't really any limits or words to describe Chloe Kim's best tweets, but they'll surely crack you up and make you adore her to pieces (even if you've been living in a bubble and don't know who she is).

17-year-old Kim is an iconic snowboarder from southern California. During the 2018 PyeongChang Games, Kim scored a crushing 98.25 during the women's halfpipe snowboard competition on Feb. 12, a nearly-perfect score which landed her the title of an Olympic gold medalist.

But while Kim was taking over our airwaves and social media feeds, she was also busy on Twitter, posting some of the coolest messages you can think of.

A lot of the time, they're about food.

In the middle of her snowboarding half-pipe competition on Feb. 12, Kim wrote that she wanted some ice cream and wished she had finished her breakfast that morning because she was getting "hangry," a combination of hungry and angry.

Someone wondered if she didn't, you know, have bigger things to worry about at that particular moment?

But the calls of the stomach were apparently louder than the calls of the snowboarding event, because a few hours later she tweeted about eating again (just shortly before she won an Olympic gold medal). I guess being hangry is good luck.

And personally, I'll never forget about the iconic time when she had pre-competition jitters before the halfpipe qualifiers on Feb. 12, but cured them with churros.

There's nothing more relateable than weird food cravings.

But her Olympics-related tweets are also so sincere.

Since Kim's big win, she's had a surge in the amount of retweets and favorites on her posts. Some of the most notable — and heartfelt — ones included a post of Kim celebrating with her parents.

And then there's the one where she claimed that people have started to act different toward her now that she's a decorated Olympian.

One of the most hilarious tweets was posted just days ago on Feb. 17, when she wrote, "People acting like my bestie after the Olympics. Like remember when you took a sip of my apple juice in kindergarten, still salty bout that"

Yes, Chloe! Let them know! This will always be a mood, honestly.

But Kim has been iconic on Twitter since way before the Olympics.

Kim's wittiness is nothing new.

In October 2017, Kim posted her dog fanning out over Grey's Anatomy.

OK, this is weird. I just started binge-watching Grey's Anatomy and her dog is so me every night before bed.

And in October she shared a photo of what it looks like when she sees a spider, which is honestly all of us.

She also made it rain with alcohol — at a snowboarding competition.

I'm going to overlook the fact that she's underage, because it doesn't look like any of that bubbly made it into her mouth anyway.

But she probably talks about food more than anything.


She's so relatable, and it's refreshing to know that Kim is actually human and comfortable with being herself! Plus, I can't think of anyone else who deserved to win a gold medal more than her — especially because she was previously ineligible to compete in the Olympics because of her young age.

Kim was finally eligible to compete in the Olympics this year.

At 17, the California native is officially the youngest snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal in the halfpipe competition, but it's been a long road for her to actually get there. Kim made the grade to compete in the 2014 Sochi Games at the age of just 13 — however, she wasn't eligible because she was too young. Instead, she competed in other events, winning silver at the X Games that same year, which established her as one of the best snowboarders. She went on to win three gold medals at the X Games in 2015 and 2016, and became the first athlete to do so before the age of 16.

When speaking about her opportunity to compete in the 2018 Olympics, Kim said that she was just happy to be there. She revealed,

When I couldn't make the team in Sochi due to my age – it felt like such a long journey. You know, going from 13 to 17 is such a big time gap. But at the end of the day, I'm here — and I'm so happy.

Not only is Kim an amazing athlete, but she has a humble personality to match. I'm so proud, Chloe. Now back to your regularly scheduled witty tweets!