You Can Turn Your Home Into A Chili's With This Sweet Promo

Courtesy of Chili's

Now that takeout season is officially in full swing, Chili's is making it even more wallet-friendly to Netflix and chill with your food in hand. Chili's November 2019 free delivery offer means that you can get your Skillet Queso and Southwestern Eggrolls sent to your doorstep without any extra fees, and my tastebuds (and bank account) are so here for it. In addition to free delivery through Nov. 19, the restaurant chain is also helping customers give their homes a Chili's makeover with a starter pack and a sweepstakes, so here's to not leaving your couch all month long.

From Nov. 6 through Nov. 19, customers can head to and the Chili's app to take advantage of zero delivery fees when they place their order, giving you an even better excuse to spend some quality time with your couch over the next few weeks. According to the Chili's press release, the perks don't stop there, as the company will also be also be gifting a special #ChilisMyHouse starter pack to a few fans who take to social media to share a photo of your Chili's delivery and tag @Chilis. If you're wondering what "chilifying" your home would look like, it sounds like you can expect what amounts to a hibernation mode survival kit for the colder months.

In addition to a trivia card game for all those nights in, a wooden TV tray to house your remotes and takeout, and a chip clip for your chips and salsa spreads, you can jazz up your home with a "Hi, Welcome to the [your last name] home" doormat, and — my personal favorite — a baby back ribs-scented candle so you can really make your surroundings smell like a Chili's. The kits are only available while supplies last, so order ASAP.

Courtesy of Chili's

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to giving your space a Chili's makeover, thanks to a sweepstakes for My Chili's Rewards members. Starting on Thursday, Nov. 7 at noon ET, members who are at least 18 years old and homeowners (if you don't own, maybe you can talk your parents into a Chili's makeover) can enter to get a "Chili's makeover" of a 14 by 20-foot room in their house. While there's no telling what exactly a Chili-fied room would even look like, I wouldn't say no to a free home makeover and all the Chili's vibes that are sure to be present throughout the entire process. According to an Instagram Post about the contest, it'll be a $30,000 Chili's makeover with "real makeover professionals."

The contest runs through Nov. 14, and free delivery at Chili's only goes through Nov. 19, so I wouldn't sleep on getting your favorite noms delivered to your doorstep fee-free and maybe snagging yourself a #ChilisMyHouse kit for yourself in the process.