People Are Nailing The Cherry Trend For Fall & It's Sweet AF

When I think of delicious fall foods I want at the tips of my fingers, caramel corn, pumpkin cookies, and super spicy buffalo wings come to mind. (Fine, I'll admit the wings are a year-round indulgence.) Typically, fruit doesn't make the cut. But this year's cherry nail art, which is coming through as a strong fall beauty trend, just might make me sing a different, healthier tune.

I think that cute fruit motifs are typically relegated to warm weather months when it comes to using them within a fashion and beauty context. Dangly banana earrings, watermelon nail design, and lemon print everything (hi, Dolce & Gabbana!) — I feel like these trends come back every June or July, much to my personal delight. But this summer, one pitted fruit in particular completely overtook clothing and accessories by storm, qualifying as a veritable seasonal trend all on its own. Cherries were absolutely everywhere — to say they had a bountiful sartorial harvest would be an understatement. Cherry earrings, cherry print dresses, cherry hair clips, bags with cherries on (and in!) them — it was the summer of Bings, and I, for one, was so not mad about it.

As we venture into the beginning of fall, cherries seem to be popping up on outfits less and less. But on nails, that's simply not the case. Nails emblazoned with teeny tiny iterations of the fruit are majorly trending and they are finger lickin' good:

Because we don't all have hands with the precision of a laser and steadiness of a surgeon, I looked into nail decals that'll help you ace the nail looks above with ease.

Every Flavor

Into the cherries but not sure you want to commit to just one fruit? Why not give a number of juicy motifs a try with this decal selection.

Glam Girl

Add a subtle shimmer to your nails with these glittery little cherries. They're the perfect simple motif to put against a nude or black background and the shimmer makes them even more appropriate for fall.

Ruby Red

Add a not-so-subtle shimmer to your nails via these red gemstone cherries. They look super juicy, super luxe, and would certainly make your mani the most delicious in the room.

Flora & Fauna

People always raise the question of the chicken or the egg, but what about the flower or the fruit? Rock cherries in both mature and floral form with this sheet of cute little decals. The matching butterflies are an added bonus.

Full Coverage

If even applying a base coat to stick your cherry onto is too much work for you (I've been there, I get it), then try these cherry-studded nail wraps. Their creamy base hue lets them look a little bit retro and they'll ensure your mani looks absolutely perfect.

So what do you think? Is this summery trend sweet enough to carry over to fall? I think it would happen to pair with a chunky black sweater and some dark wash denim perfectly.