Cheap, Romantic Vacations You Should Take This Fall With Your Boyfriend

I love to travel with my bae. There's something about sharing a hotel room that is so fun and flirty. Maybe it's the robes, the definitely clean sheets, or the lack of roommates, but I really feel like a little vacation can reignite the spark in any relationship. And there's nothing better than a cheap romantic fall getaway when you and your bae want to get out of town and spend some alone time together.

Why fall? Well, because everything is better in fall, dummy. The air feels crisp. The night gets extra dark, and the stars twinkle brightly, as if to shine directly into my crush's eyes "fall in love, b*tch." The air smells like cinnamon, and everyone gets extra cozy. Plus, it's cuffing season, and people finally start liking each other again. Which leaves room for some traveling with the person you now care about.

So here are some cheap, romantic fall destinations for you and your bae to visit this season. Because who doesn't love vacationing with their crush? (Except having to navigate the whole pooping while they're in the hotel room situation, but let's just forget about that part.)

Solvang, California


Solvang is an adorable little town in the Santa Ynez Valley in California that's filled with Danish-style architecture and Danish culture. And do you know what Santa Ynez means? Wine country. So if you and your significant other like getting a little lit, then this is the destination for you.

Solvang is one of those small, sleepy towns that gets incredibly decorated during the holidays — which is incredibly charming. This means that during fall, they'll probably have both Halloween and Christmas decorations up at the same time (there's even a store that just sells Christmas decorations year-round).

There are pumpkin patches, apple picking orchards, and a mini horse farm nearby (as well as all those vineyards), so you'll have a jam-packed weekend if you make Solvang a fall destination for you and your honey.

Savannah, Georgia

Ronnie Comeau/ Stocksy

Did you know that Savannah is one of the most haunted places in the United States? Well, it is, which makes it a popular fall destination — especially in October. The city offers ghost tours, including a haunted pub crawl, in case you and your significant other want to have a few beers with demons on your romantic vacay.

In addition to all the haunted sightseeing, there are also incredible restaurants, historic landmarks, gardens (you should see the weeping willows), and parks — all which you can visit for free or at budget prices. Plus, you might run in to Paula Deen or Todd Chrisley, which would make the trip worth it for me.

Asheville, North Carolina

Adam Nixon/Stocksy

I mean, look at this picture. That's reason enough to visit Asheville, right? I live in Los Angeles, where we have no seasons and leaves never change color, so this photo actually makes me salivate.

Do you like fishing? Because Asheville is known for its great fly fishing, and offers guided boating trips — either full- or half-day. Additionally, through November, visitors can experience a foraging excursion, where you go into the woods and search for food, and then a chef will cook it all for you during a romantic picnic.

Plus, some parts of The Hunger Games were filmed here, and you can go on a tour to the different shooting locations. So, that's cool?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Matthew Smith/ Stocksy

If you and your bae are adventurous, then head to Jackson Hole, stat. You can go on a wildlife safari or whitewater rafting, all in the same town. And while there are tons of cute cabins to stay in, if you want to save money, you can go camping instead.

When you're tired from all the activities, you and your significant other can head to one of the many relaxing spas in the area. This sounds like the perfect trip to me.

Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada

Simone Anne/ Stocksy

Lake Tahoe is the ultimate place for rest and relaxation. Plus, from what I've heard, there's not great cell reception there, so even if you want to get in touch with the outside world, you probably can't. (This might be a myth, but I was once trying to reach someone who was on vacation in Tahoe, and this is what they told me when I was ignored all week.)

There's tons of fishing, golf, biking, and water sports you can do on the lake, or you can just sit out, bring a book, and enjoy the view with your boo. Either way, it's bound to be a vacation you won't forget.

Fall is cuffing season, and it's a great time to take an adventure with your new SO. So pack a bag, buy a ticket, and get traveling.

You only live once, right?

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