You Legit Won't Even Recognize Charlize Theron On The Oscars Red Carpet

by Stephanie Montes
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case you were waiting for a platinum-blonde Charlize Theron to walk the red carpet tonight (Because, why wouldn't you?), you might have done a double take when the celeb strolled up to slay the carpet in a dark brunette bob. Charlize Theron's 2019 Oscars hair is something none of us could've expected, and she made a stunning entrance to this evening's star-studded affair. So stunning, in fact, you might have almost missed her bold lip, gorgeous powder blue gown, and diamonds — loads and loads of diamonds.

Behind every woman in Hollywood is her super talented glam squad, and Charlize Theron is no exception. Hair stylist Adir Abergel was the man behind her bold Oscars' beauty move. Before the show, he posted a sneak peek of the look on his Instagram account with the caption, "decided to chop it all off before the big moment."

He wasn't kidding! In the photo, you can see the back of Theron's head, and her brand new style (freshly colored in a rich, dark chocolate brown) just grazing the nape of her neck, and Abergel's cutting shears in hand. Honestly, if he hadn't tagged her in the photo, I probably wouldn't have guessed it was Theron sitting in the chair.

Low and behold, Charlize Theron hit the red carpet with a brunette bob, styled with a deep side part and a slight bend over her right eye.

Let me tell you, Theron looked killer as a blonde, but she might've been born to be a chocolate brunette, in my opinion. Her new richer, darker hair color is the perfect complement to her porcelain skin, and her chic makeup look totally tied it all together.

Theron wore subtle eye shadow, her brows were groomed to perfection, and it looks as though there's a touch of blush on her cheeks, in addition to an orangey-red lip.

I don't know if it was her poppy pout or those emerald and sapphire earrings, but something is giving her green eyes an extra twinkle tonight, and I'm so here for it.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And here's where things get even more glam. (Yes, it's possible.) Theron wore a pale blue gown by none other than Dior, according to E! News, which featured a high neckline — perfect for showcasing lots of stunning Bulgari diamonds — sculpted shoulders, and long, cuffed sleeves. The silhouette is fitted throughout and bells out at the bottom into a trumpet-style train. I told you it was glam!

And as if the diamonds around her neck weren't enough (But really, what is enough?), Theron paired her long-sleeve gown with a stack of diamond bangles and blingy cocktail rings.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But, just wait — because there's yet another surprise coming. The back of Theron's dress is a stunner.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then, there's the back. The collar buttoned at the back of her neck (Maybe that's why she went so short with her hair at the back?), creating a key-hole design that showed her entire back. And you thought the front was good, didn't you? It's safe to say, Theron slayed this entire look from head to toe.