Charles Melton Revealed New Details About Veronica & Reggie's 'Riverdale' Love


Riverdale fans officially have a new couple to obsess over. On the Jan. 16 midseason premiere, things got steamy between Veronica Lodge and Reggie Mantle, a new relationship that many fans have been kind of expecting to happen for several weeks now. But was that big kiss just a one-time thing, or will Veronica and Reggie really become boyfriend and girlfriend now? Charles Melton's quotes about Reggie and Veronica will totally help fans better understand what is in store for the two, and it sounds like that won't be the only kiss that we see Veronica and Reggie share.

Since Season 3 of Riverdale began, there have been a number of tiny hints that something romantic may bubble up between Veronica and Reggie. When Veronica opened her speakeasy at the beginning of the season, she hired Reggie to be her right-hand man in the process, and as the nightclub became more successful, Veronica and Reggie have grown closer and closer. At the same time, Veronica's relationship with her former boyfriend, Archie, was fading fast due to his stint in prison. They finally broke up when Archie fled Riverdale.

But of course, the biggest reason why fans were feeling the chemistry between Veronica and Reggie is because their actors, Camila Mendes and Charles Melton, are dating in real life. Now that they are hooking up on the show as well, Mendes and Melton join co-stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse as yet another Riverdale couple that's together both on-screen and off.

At the very end of Riverdale's midseason premiere, Veronica and Reggie finally had their first big kiss after-hours in the speakeasy. Charles Melton spilled some details about this burgeoning relationship in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, and fans can rest assured that the kiss was not just a one-time thing. Melton promised that viewers will get to see Veronica and Reggie's relationship grow over the next several episodes:

You’ll definitely see this relationship grow. Not only will you see this relationship grow, but you’ll see their working relationship and how that all ties into everything ... I think fans are going to be excited to see the evolution of this new relationship.

Charles Melton also said that we are going to see a softer and more vulnerable side to Reggie as we see him grow closer to Veronica, which will definitely be a shift for the character, who has been previously shown as a bullying jock and drug dealer. According to Melton, Reggie is changing his ways from his problematic past, and he is now committed to supporting Veronica no matter what.

Of course, the new relationship might hit a rough spot if Archie comes back to town. Although the most recent episode ended on the major cliffhanger that Archie may have died, fans are obviously pretty positive that Riverdale is not killing off its lead role. It also feels inevitable that Archie will return to Riverdale fairly soon, and him finding out that Veronica has moved on with one of his friends will definitely cause some drama.

See how it all unfolds when Riverdale next airs on Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.