'Riverdale' Fans Finally Got A Photo Of Edgar Evernever, Courtesy Of Chad Michael Murray

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images, CW

The mysterious appearance of Riverdale's always-absent cult leader has finally been solved. Since Season 3 began, the name Edgar Evernever has been mentioned a ton, but fans have yet to actually meet the cult leader that could be behind all of the strange things happening in Riverdale. Well, now we finally have our first look at Edgar. Chad Michael Murray shared a photo as Riverdale's Edgar Evernever, so fans can finally see the character that will undoubtedly cause chaos when he first appears on Riverdale later this season.

Earlier this month, Chad Michael Murray revealed that he would be joining the Riverdale cast in the pivotal role of Edgar Evenever, the mysterious cult leader who is in charge of the Farm. The Farm has become a major part of Season 3, as Betty's sister Polly has fully embraced the cult and her mother Alice is falling deeper and deeper into its clutches. Viewers have already met Edgar's devious daughter Evelyn Evernever, but Edgar has yet to actually show up himself and really explain what the Farm is all about.

But Edgar Evernever's time is coming soon. Although it is still unclear exactly when Chad Michael Murray will make his Riverdale debut, we do know it is only a matter of episodes, because he just shared a first look at himself in character as Edgar Evernever. The new photo shows Murray in an outfit befitting a lifestyle guru: a casual denim shirt with a vest and a crystal around his neck. In the caption, Murray wrote, "Edgar Evernever heading to the farm..."

This crystal or stone pendant appears to be crucial to the character of Edgar Evernever, because Chad Michael Murray actually shared a photo with it before as well. Shortly after his Riverdale casting was announced, Murray posted a photo holding the rock.

Chad Michael Murray appeared to be the perfect fit for the role of Edgar Evernever. While casting the part last year, Riverdale's casting notice revealed the show was looking for an actor in his late 30s that was preferably a major name in the '90s or 2000s.

[EDGAR EVERNEVER] Male, Late 30’s – Early 40’s, Open Ethnicity. A recent arrival in Riverdale with his daughter Evelyn, Edgar is a new-age health “guru” who has helped Alice get her life together after the events of Season Two. He’s attractive, in a neighborly way, and charismatic—a wise, comforting presence. (An actor with ‘90’s-2000’s pop-culture cachet is a plus.) MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.

Not only does Chad Michael Murray fit all those boxes, but he is also a CW veteran having starred in One Tree Hill. Unfortunately, the casting notice does not reveal too much else about what fans can expect from Edgar Evernever, except that he will appear more on the kind and neighborly side rather than just straight-up evil. Still, Edgar is the prime suspect for most fans for who could be behind the Gargoyle King mystery, so don't expect his arrival to go over very smoothly.

Edgar Evernever will make his appearance in the latter half of Riverdale Season 3.