Celebrate 'Grey's Anatomy's Record-Breaking Episode With These Legendary Scenes

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Meredith Grey just broke the record for Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital's longest surgery, but she's not the only one breaking records. This week, Grey's Anatomy will become the longest running medical drama on television, breaking ER's previous record. With 15 seasons, 332 episodes, and counting, Grey's has given fans all the romance and drama they can squeeze into hour-long spurts since 2005. But you don't get the title of longest running medical drama just from make-out scenes and tear-jerking speeches, although I will never complain about watching either of those. But Grey's Anatomy's record-breaking episode only comes after years and years of enticing audiences with some of the wildest and wackiest medical cases ever.

When it was announced that Grey's Anatomy would become the longest running medical drama, creator, executive producer, and all-around inspirational powerhouse Shonda Rhimes tweeted that she was "a little in shock" to learn the news. It really wasn't that shocking to all of Grey's devoted fans, though. The legendary medical cases over the course of the series 15 seasons have kept fans fascinated all this time and made the show necessary viewing week after week. In honor of Grey's Anatomy's big milestone, here are some of the show's most epic medical scenes.

The Man With a Bomb Inside Him

Surgery is already a pretty high-intensity situation, what with having peoples lives literally on the table in front of you. But that situation got heightened even further for Meredith in Season 2, Episode 17, when she was responsible for safely removing a bomb from a patient's chest cavity. It all went smoothly – or so audiences thought. Once the bomb squad official (played by Kyle Chandler) left with the bomb things weren't over quite yet; Meredith had to witness more bloodshed when the bomb went off.

The Duo Connected By a Pole Running Through Them Both

Grey's Anatomy has always been known to imbue its medical cases with metaphors that the characters can relate to, and this Season 2, Episode 6 case is a perfect example. Just as Meredith is trying to figure out if she and Derek should stay together or part ways, the hospital is hit with a case involving two train passengers who are stuck together by a pole impaling both of them. They can't survive like that, but tearing them apart is also a huge risk. It's a heartbreaking conundrum that's Grey's at its best.

The Girl Who Felt No Pain

This Season 3, Episode 3 storyline was actually based on a true story, which makes it all the more amazing to think about the little girl (played by an adorable Abigail Breslin) who basically has the superpower ability to not feel pain. Of course, her superpower isn't all it's cracked up to be, but that's what the Grey's doctors are there for.

The Man With Limbs That Looked Like Tree Trunks

This poor guy in Season 7, Episode 3 was covered in so many overgrown warts that his hands looked like they were made of tree branches. It was due to a rare case HPV and it looked really uncomfortable. But, the truly eery part was when a spider crawled out from under a wart during the surgery to remove them. That Grey's Anatomy OR is always a scary place in the most unexpected ways.