Carly Wadell & Evan Bass' Body Language Proves They’ve Truly Found Paradise Together

by Korey Lane
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Ah, Bachelor In Paradise. It's probably the best sh*t show currently on television, if I'm being honest. You'd thinking having dozens of attractive people on a Mexican beach downing margaritas left and right would make for the perfect hookup environment. And it does! But the show has produced some actual, real-life couples that seem to be doing well post-production. For example, a close examination of Carly Wadell and Evan Bass' body language proves that the two love birds are totally making it work after their time on the show.

In fact, according to body language expert Traci Brown, Wadell and Bass are totally crushing married life, and their relationship appears to be completely balanced and healthy. "They show an amazing amount of 'normalcy', consistency and non-drama for getting together on a TV show!" Brown tells Elite Daily.

Yes, you read that correctly. A reality show couple is actually a great example of what a healthy relationship looks like! And while this might not be an excuse to go watch every episode of Bachelor In Paradise ever (but, like, please do that, it's so great), it is an excuse to find out as much as we possibly can about this amazing couple. Seriously, these two are the quirkiest, cutest couple BIP has ever produced.

Their proposal was seriously romantic.
Amps3000 on YouTube

Bass proposed to Wadell on the season three finale of Bachelor In Paradise, and based on the above clip, it was a seriously romantic moment. According to body language expert Yana German, the two show a natural connection in this moment.

"Evan holds on to Carly as a precious flower who he has an opportunity to hold and protect," German tells Elite Daily. "He is not afraid to show vulnerability as a man to let his chosen lady know that he is all into her." Basically, their proposal was evidence enough that their love was true.

Their date nights seem epic.
theebass on Instagram

In December 2016, after their engagement on season three of Bachelor In Paradise, Wadell and Bass attended a special showing of Home Alone in which a symphony played the soundtrack live. It's an epic date night, and Brown even says that they appear to be totally into each other in this selfie Bass posted to Instagram.

"He's got that James Bond look and she couldn't be happier about it," Brown says. "See how their cheeks are touching. That's cute." So cute.

They have no shame in showing off their love.
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For Brown, even their public appearances, like this one in May 2017, is evidence of a strong connection. "Their shoulders are in a tight V shape, they're almost facing each other entirely," she says. "That's the sign of real closeness."

Ugh, their wedding was perfect. Of course.
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In true Bachelor fashion, Wadell and Bass shared their big day with the world, and even had host Chris Harrison officiate! And while it was super romantic (Bass' tearing up could be reason enough to adore this couple), German says that there's more to it than that.

"Every time they hold each other they show how much compassion and deep understanding [is] between them, and that is very sacred and protected from the rest of the world," she says.

Ugh, is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard?

Even on their babymoon, they seemed totally at ease.
theebass on Instagram

Back in November 2017, Wadell and Bass took a vacation before the arrival of their fist child, called a "babymoon." And even though Bass has sons from a previous relationship, these two definitely don't seem like they're nervous about welcoming a little girl. In fact, they seemed in total relaxation mode as they posed for this picture in Hawaii, and according to Brown, they're on the same page.

"Their babymoon pic shows them both showing the same level of happiness — the smiles on their faces match."

As parents, they're just as in love.
carlywad on Instagram

In this sweet photo with their baby girl Bella, German says that being parents hasn't changed the love they have for each other. "There is playfulness, flirtation and everything combined to create a perfect symbiosis between those two," she says.

All in all, Wadell and Bass seem to be completely in tune to each other. They're happy, and they're in love — simple as that. And according to Brown, "These two are the best reality couple I've ever seen!" Honestly? Same.

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