Caribou Coffee Released New Coconut Milk Lattes That'll Give You Springtime Vibes

Alright, everyone. January is upon us, which means winter is about to kick into high gear. If you don't live in a warm area, you're probably used to sipping on hot seasonal beverages that'll keep you warm until springtime comes around. But if you're sick of the holiday lattes, you might want to give Caribou Coffee a visit. Why is that, you ask? Well, it's because the coffee chain recently unveiled three new drinks that'll give you total beach vibes. In fact, Caribou Coffee's new coconut milk lattes might even trick you into thinking that warm weather has already arrived.

If you're a frequent Caribou Coffee customer, you might've gotten an email on Jan. 3 that advertised the new drinks. If you didn't, then I'll do my best to give you the lowdown. According to the company's message, the new coconut milk selections are currently available at Caribou Coffee locations. They include the following flavors: Pomegranate Acai Tea, Matcha Tea Latta, and Cold Press Latte. Each one sounds delicious, right? Unfortunately, Caribou Coffee's email does not describe each drink in detail — but Elite Daily reached out to the company for thorough descriptions. However, we did not hear back by the time of publication.

Caribou Coffee Screenshot

Even so, Caribou Coffee's photo of the beverages (seen above) will give you an idea about each drink's flavor. For instance, there's a pomegranate and berries next to the Pomegranate Acai Tea Latte, and a coconut slice next to the Cold Press Latte. The Matcha Tea Latte, on the other hand, is placed beside what appears to be green tea leaves. Whether you like fruity drinks, cold brew coffee, or earthy tea flavors, Caribou seems to have you covered.

Plus, based off of the drink's pastel colors, I'm almost tempted to bring one to the beach with me (even if it's super cold out).

Another aspect of the drinks that sets them apart from traditional winter sips is the coconut milk inside of them. According to Caribou Coffee's email, the new drinks are made with "real" coconut milk and are dairy-free. Sure, you can buy warm, holiday drinks that are also dairy-free, but there's something about coconut milk that reminds me of a tropical setting. TBH, I'm a big fan of it.

If you're also a fan of coconut milk, you'll be happy to hear that the ingredient is here to stay at Caribou Coffee. However, the company's new coconut milk drinks are only available for a limited time. In other words, you might not be able to sip one of these on the beach when spring and summer come around – because they might already be off of the menu.

With that being said, head to a Caribou Coffee near you soon so you can give the new dairy-free drinks a try. If you aren't sure where the closest one is, you can check out the company's locations on its website. If you order a coconut milk latte while you're there, sit back and soak up the springtime vibes.