Cardi B Twerking In Tiger Body Paint In Her New Music Video Is Just Too Epic

by Jamie LeeLo

I revere music videos as one of life's greatest art forms. They are thought-provoking, stimulating, cinematic, and an awesome snapshot of what is going on in society. The visual elements chosen by the director and artist weave an intricate story full of carefully crafted innuendos designed to evoke something from the viewer. Generally speaking, music videos are a chance for musicians to tell a story about whatever they want, in the way that they want. In the case of Cardi B's "Twerk" music video with City Girls, the message is clear: twerk whenever possible, as much as possible, and if possible, do it in tiger body paint.

Glory be.

Cardi B is known for putting on a show and no one would ever dare call her "subtle." She's gone way out of her way to make sure that every look she serves fans is memorable, and her tiger body paint in the "Twerk" video is exactly that. Just to give you a little taste of the theme around this song, here is part of the chorus' lyrics:

Make 'em dance, twerk/ (Twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk with her) / Twerk, twerk / (Tw-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk with her) / Twerk, twerk / (Tw-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk with her) / Twerk, twerk / (Tw-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk-twerk with her) / Twerk / (Turn the lights off!)

OK. Everyone clear?

Now, close your eyes and imagine what kind of music video could accompany lyrics like this.

Whatever you're picturing, multiply that by a million and you're probably dead on. Are you envisioning hundreds of women shaking their booties on a yacht? Grinding on each other in neon fishnets? Dropping into splits in piles of sand? Cardi B climbing a flag pole with the nose of a tiger painted across her butt? Just epic levels of epic-ness?

Congratulations, you just pictured the "Twerk" music video.

To be fair, there's a lot more going on here than just booty-shaking.

The women featured in the music video are like Grade A athletes. Not only is their cardiovascular strength, like, extremely high, they also climb on top of each other like gymnasts, perform flips and death drops, and one woman even stands on her head. Their moves and expertise go way beyond just a regular dance contest.

Look at this:


And this:


And this!!!:


Do you have any idea what kind of core strength we're talking about here?

It's worth mentioning that while Cardi B sizzled as a tiger, her collaborating artist Yung Miami was painted as a sexy zebra from head to toe. If these two looks aren't everywhere for Halloween 2019, then I can't help us, society.


Perhaps my favorite part of the whole music video is the short plotline the women drop at the beginning. White text dramatically appears on screen saying, "On November 9th, the City Girls sent out a challenge to the world... The goal... to find the world's greatest twerker."

Listen, I would never claim to know anything about the art of twerking, but if they're taking votes I volunteer the woman who stood on her head at the end as tribute.

Bless her.