Cardi B Has A Message For Critics Who Want Kylie Removed From The "WAP" Video

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Cardi B made a big statement on Friday, Aug. 7, when she dropped her latest track "WAP" featuring Meghan Thee Stallion. The song was lyrically explosive and the accompanying music video — which included cameos from Kylie Jenner, Normani, and more — had everyone on social media talking, but not all of the chatter was positive. Cardi B's response to critics demanding Kylie Jenner's removal from "WAP" sets haters straight.

Cardi and Meghan's four-minute "WAP" music video included so many different dance scenes and was a full-on visual masterpiece for many. But, as soon as the video dropped, some fans began to express their disapproval of Jenner appearing in the visual alongside talented artists, insisting she didn't belong there. One hater even started a change.org petition to have Jenner removed from the music video, writing: "The video was perfect until we saw K and I wanted to throw my phone."

Shortly after "WAP" premiered, Cardi took to Twitter to explain how happy she was to work with everyone that featured in the video, explaining, "It was so important to me to include different women,that are different races and come from different backgrounds but are so powerful and influential."

It was on Sunday, Aug. 9, when a tweet about Jenner caught Cardi's eye.

"Normani did ALL this and Kylie walked down the hall and opened a door," the tweet, referencing Normani's dance scene, read. If that’s not a perfect visual indication of Black women having to do the most and white women do the bare minimum to get somewhere, I don’t know what is."

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Cardi replied: "Normani is one of the best female artist that dances Like she dances her f*ckin *ss off! Why would she open a door? Please tell me how that would make sense? The best part of the song is the beat & hook it what makes you want to shake your *ss."

She added: "Not everything is about race. Theres issues out here in the world that it is about race that I preach all the time about. This is not about f*ckin race.”

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Cardi went on to explain that casting Jenner had more to do with the makeup maven's kindness towards the rapper's family. "She treated my sister [Hennessy] and daughter [Kulture] so lovely at her kid [Stormi‘s] bday party," Cardi said, adding that her husband, Offset, and Jenner's ex Travis Scott "are real close." Cardi even revealed that Kris Jenner gives her "advice" when she asks for it.

Looks like Cardi doesn't regret her decision to feature Jenner, and the rest of the powerful ladies she enlisted, in her "WAP" video one bit.