Cardi B's Mom's Reaction To "WAP" Was Not What You'd Expect

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When "WAP" hit the charts, everyone had their own unique reaction to the sexually explicit banger. Some critics hated it, some loved it, and others just tried to learn the TikTok dance. Cardi B's mom's reaction to "WAP," however, was not what you'd expect. In a new interview between the rapper and Mariah Carey, new details emerged about her mom's reaction to the bass-heavy anthem.

The Feb. 23 chat between the legends for Interview magazine was full of iconic tidbits about the Billboard Hot 100-topping artists, but none were as juicy as the duo's conversation about Cardi's mom's initial reaction to her daughter's August 2020 comeback track. "So now when [your parents] hear your music, what do they say? Specifically when it comes to one of your biggest hits, 'WAP,'" Carey asked the 28-year-old rapper.

Surprisingly, Cardi's mom wasn't as shocked as most parents might be about the expletive-laden song about genitalia. "I’m grown now. When I told my mom I was a stripper that really bothered her for a minute," Cardi told Carey. "But now when she hears me saying grown shit, I don’t think she gives a f*ck anymore."

The lyrics to "WAP" caught on quick among listeners, but some conservative commentators took issue with them upon the track's release. The track starts out by telling listeners exactly what direction the rest of the song is about to go in: "I said, certified freak/ Seven days a week/ Wet-ass p*ssy/ Make that pull-out game weak." Most fans weren't bothered by the references to sex, due to the fact the track was more about female empowerment and ultimately had little to do with shock value. That, and the song was just too darn catchy for even the most prudent listener to be mad at it for too long.

"I think she didn’t want me to grow up so fast, because the kids around my neighborhood grew up fast," Cardi explained to Carey about her mom's only reservation pertaining to her more explicit content.

Despite embracing a sex-positive outlook on "WAP," Cardi has kept the song away from her daughter, Kulture, since she told social media she didn't believe it was age-appropriate for the toddler to listen — which, to be fair, it isn't. Still, it's nice to know that Cardi's mom didn't have an issue with her daughter's 2020 hit, but that doesn't mean we'll be seeing her take on the "WAP" challenge anytime soon.