Cardi B & Offset's Astrological Compatibility Shows Why Their Love Wasn’t In The Stars

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Sometimes when you really love a celebrity couple that ends up breaking up, it can be hard to understand why these two people just can't seem to make it work. Like, for instance, in the case of Cardi B and Offset: Despite all our collective hopes for their love to last, the couple called it quits last week. Sure, they've gone through some rough patches, but it seemed like the duo were back on track. So what happened? Well, one thing to consider is Cardi B and Offset's astrological compatibility. While we can’t know exactly what happened between these two, the dynamic between their zodiac signs can actually shed some light on their split. Cardi was born October 11, under the sign of Libra, and Offset's birthday is December 14, which makes him a Sagittarius. If you know anything about how these two signs interact, then the breakup starts to make a lot more sense.

In many ways, these signs are incredibly compatible and can often make for solid couples. However, there is one area where these two signs have a difficult struggle, and, if you've been following along with Cardi and Offset's love story and split, then it won’t shock you to learn that their Achilles heel is in the area of trust. Both signs have issues around fidelity and trust. Here’s why Cardi and Offset’s astrological compatibility proves that while their passion may burn bright, this relationship likely won't ever be able to go the distance.

Their sexual and emotional connection is fire.

Libra and Sagittarius’ emotional compatibility is off the charts. Fire and air can go one of two ways: Either it's an igniting breath of fresh air, or air blows the fire out completely — and, in the case of Libra and Sag, it's definitely the former. This is a pairing that is often drawn to one another instantly. Libra is a social butterfly who's drawn to Sag’s free spirit. The two immediately feel like kindred spirits — especially when they take that connection to the bedroom. They both appreciate physical touch and are happy just being in the moment, letting their emotions sweep them away. They both love to experiment and keep it spontaneous and fresh. While Libra wants a more lasting connection and typically Sag does not, Libra’s light touch balances those two dynamics in a way that gives Sag the necessary room to not feel trapped and choose to stay.

They connect on a mental level, too.

In Libra, Sag is able to find someone they are just as fascinated by outside the bedroom. Typically, Sag loses interest quickly and wants to be free to roam and find new experiences and adventures, but the emotionally complex, yet balanced Libra has just the right amount of novelty and surprise to hold the Archer’s attention. For Libra, the attraction is about finding someone who finally speaks their language; who understands duality, but also balance. Because this level of compatibility can feel so rare for both signs, when these two meet it can feel like a soul connection — something that is meant to be and can conquer all. In some cases, it definitely can, so long as both parties are on the same page about trust and fidelity — however they chose to define it.

Trust is this couple’s ultimate downfall.

For both signs, trust is of the utmost importance. The issue is that trust can often mean different things to each sign. For Venus-ruled Libra, that can mean fidelity, loyalty, and the more traditional interpretation of trust. However, for free-spirited Sagittarius, their hearts are always with their partners, but they need to be free to roam. This can be overcome with strong communication (something both signs boast) early on. However, once that trust is breached, it can be hard to bring back, and often spirals past the point of no return. Oftentimes, this is a pairing that you will see go through rounds of makeups and breakups because the connection is so hard to let go of — but the foundational problems are just too deep to repair.

Only time will tell if Cardi B and Offset can repair the damage that led to their split, or if they will decide to stay apart for good. The takeaway here is that sometimes, despite the best of intentions and all the love and passion in the world, it's just not a love story that's meant to be. And that can be beautiful, if bittersweet, too.