Candace Owens Liked A Tweet About Harry Styles & Fans Are Convinced She's Obsessed

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After conservative pundits around the world bashed One Direction's former frontman for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue, the singer's stans put his critics on their watchlists. Since being under the fan microscope, Candace Owens liked a tweet about Harry Styles, and fans who were defending him from her controversial statements about gender and clothing are now convinced she's a secret Styler. Nothing can be confirmed for sure, but it seems that Owens might be a little more infatuated with Styles than she's letting on.

Originally, the conservative pundit known for her offensive views criticized Styles for wearing a dress on Nov. 14 via Twitter. Owens stated, "Bring back manly men" in reference to the Fine Line singer's December cover shoot with Vogue. She also labeled it an "outright attack" on masculinity, which ruffled more than a few feathers of Stylers and non-fans alike. In addition, she accused Styles of encouraging "steady feminization" of men, and clearly took issue with his fanbase's adoration of the fabulous dress he wore for the photoshoot. The tweet was the first of more than a few unnecessary hot takes on the photo from Trump-era conservative commentators on Twitter, including Ben Shapiro.

On Jan. 4, however, fans discovered Owens liked a tweet about Styles holding Olivia Wilde's hand with two pictures of the stars attached. The tweet was originally from a stan account and didn't tag Owens in any way, leading some Stylers to speculate Owens is an undercover fan of the One Direction star. There's no definitive proof, of course, but the liked tweet is strangely uncritical of Styles and doesn't seem align with her past dislike for the singer's persona and style.

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"UPDATE[,] Candace Owens is now the most followed Harry Styles stan account!" one fan tweeted, mocking the switch-up of Owens' liked tweets.

The original tweet she liked was about one fan's jealousy of Styles getting to hold Wilde's hand, sparking conversation surrounding why Owens would like such a niche stan sentiment about Styles and Wilde if she disliked him so much. It's worth noting Wilde also clapped back at Owens on Twitter for her comments about Styles in December, making the mystery behind Owens' like even murkier.

If Candace Owens ends up having a secret stan account in 2021, perhaps this year will end up being even wilder than 2020 — as if that's even possible.