Here's Exactly What's In Store For Your Love Life During Cancer Season

by Annie Foskett

Why does that Facebook commercial they force-feed me on the AMC app when I'm watching Killing Eve almost make me cry every time? It's very clearly Facebook saying, "Sorry we sold your information," but I'm verklempt. Why am I so sentimental?! Oh, I know why. It's because the Sun is in Cancer from June 21 until July 22, 2018. During this monthlong period, you might want to spend time with people you love, and you might even be a little extra emotional. Cancer season's effect on your love life is equally powerful, so get excited whether you're single or in a LTR.

Cancer — the crab — is protective and caring. Cancers wants to nest with the ones they care about, especially during the summer, which for an entire month is Cancer season. However, when the sun is in Cancer, every sign's mood will be affected differently. I spoke to expert astrologer and healer Rachel Lang to collect her read on how Cancer season would effect each and every sign of the zodiac when it came to their love life. Is a summer fling in your future? Or maybe a future partner? Or maybe a truly independent Independence Day is just what you need. Here's what Lang says is in store for your sign.


Keep your eyes peeled for a summer love this year. "Cancer season is romantic for Pisces," says Lang. "The new moon on July 13 is excellent for your love life. This is a great time for meeting someone new."

But it's not all ponies and rainbows. "Things get a little intense around the middle of the month," adds Lang. "So, try not to let others’ issues frustrate you or bring you down."


Feel like cozying up instead of heading to that summer beach weekend you were invited to? Makes sense to Lang, who says, "Cancer season is a time for nesting and tending to the home."

Take advantage of desire to be near home, and give your space some love. "If you are single and looking for love, you might consider looking around your home and seeing how you can make it welcoming for a new person," adds Lang. "Make sure your Feng Shui is updated. Do you have two matching nightstands? There are many ways to create an energetic shift that opens you for love. This is overall a favorable time for establishing new relationships."

And if you happen to be an Aries trying to get pregnant? Cancer season is a great time for fertility, according to Lang. Oh, baby!


"Life is gearing up to change, thanks to Uranus transiting through your time," says Lang. "This means your love life is going through an evolution, too." If you're feeling anxious or impatient about a stagnant love life, keep waiting it out. Light will come your way eventually.

"As you gear up for major changes in your life, try to stay balanced," recommends Lang. "You could have more romantic options than usual." If you're feeling frustrated with meeting people on apps, try meeting people IRL. Or vice versa — it's all about switching things up. "Consider branching out of your comfort zone," Lang adds. "Luck is on your side this month."


As a Gemini, you may sometimes doubt that you actually deserve love. Here's the thing: you do! "For Gemini, small talk could make a big difference," says Lang, "This is a month to use your voice and speak up, especially if you have been holding back from expressing your feelings to someone special." Manifestation may sound hokey, but don't rule it out. "Cancer season for you is about improving your self-worth so you are attracting love from a high vibration," says Lang.


This is your season, boo! "Saturn is the planet of commitment, and it has recently entered Cancer’s seventh house of relationships," explains Lang. "You are getting clear about what you want and what’s not working for you anymore." Lang adds that someone from your past might come back into your life, but warns that, "before you go into it 100 percent, take your time to make sure it’s going to last." Happy birthday!


"Cancer season is usually a reflective period for Leo," says Lang. "It’s right before your birthday, and you might be thinking about the year ahead." Birthdays can induce anxiety, but they're also a time to look forward to what's ahead.

"In your love life, Venus is going to be transiting through your sign until July 9, which is excellent for your love life," says Lang. "Venus gives you extra confidence, which is an incredibly attractive trait." She recommends that Leo socialize as much as possible this summer, because you might end up meeting your person out and about!


As a Virgo, your social life heightens during Cancer season. "You could have more invitations to parties and other gatherings," explains Lang. "Take advantage of the opportunities to meet new people." She adds that even, "a friendship could evolve into something more this month." You know that platonic friend you've always had a crush on? Keep your eyes peeled for any flirtations.

"On July 9, Venus moves into your sign, which can help you attract attention," adds Lang. "This would be a good time to get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons." Go on that road trip! Start that new job!


For Libra, when Mars is in compatible with Aquarius, your passion ignites. "It could make Cancer season hot and steamy," Lang says. If you've been single and want to find connection, "you might consider expanding your social network," she recommends. "The sun is up in your tenth house of career, helping shine the spotlight in your direction. You could meet someone special through work or through a networking event." Go to that alumni happy hour!


As a Scorpio, I know that we have lots of feelings around relationships and being single. "Your love life is going through significant changes this year, which is exciting if you have been single and looking to manifest a relationship," says Lang. "Cancer season highlights adventure for you in your love life. You could meet someone on vacation or through business travels." Great, I'll book that trip! Lang adds that the new moon on July 13 could mean a new beginning in love, so buckle up.


If you're a Sag, summer means that it's time to get close to others. "Cancer season emphasizes deep connections for you," explains Lang. "When Venus is in compatible [with] Leo until July 9, you could attract someone new into your life from a different culture. Keep your mind (and options) open." It probably wouldn't hurt to add some travel to your summer plans with a Scorpio friend, right?


Lang says that this is a big month for a Capricorn's love life. "The New Moon on July 13 in your seventh house of relationships could signal a new beginning for you in love," says Lang. "Saturn is in your sign, and that means you’re thinking of long-term commitment at this time." Keep your mind open to all possibilities — the love of your life could start as a casual fling.


Oh Aquarius, get ready for a fiery hot month. "Mars, the planet of passion, is in your sign all through Cancer season," says Lang. "Its influence can heat up your love life." And maybe start looking outside of your type. "Mars in retrograde could help you attract someone out of the ordinary," adds Lang. "Be open to surprises, and keep an open mind and heart." Which, honestly, is great advice for all signs of the zodiac when it comes to love.

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