Here's what to know about ordering Girl Scout Cookies online

Here's How You Can Order Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies Online

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Cookie season is officially here, and it's time to stock up on all your faves. Since pretty much everything is available online, you're probably wondering if you can order Girl Scout Cookies online this year. Thankfully, there's good news. Here's how you can purchase cookies online using Girl Scout's Digital Cookie platform.

With the Digital Cookie platform, fans can order their sweet treats through the Digital Order Card for Little Brown Bakers (LBB) Councils, and the Smart Cookies Mobile App for ABC Bakers (ABC) Councils. You can find out which method applies to you by checking out the list of participating LBB and ABC councils on the website, which is categorized by state. Once you've determined whether your area falls under a council using the Digital Cookie Platform or the Smart Cookies Mobile App, you can get right to ordering.

There are three ways you can order your cookies online, and they're all pretty simple. Again, just make sure you double check which method your local Girl Scouts use before you place that order that'll keep you flush with Samoas until summer.

1. Order online using the Digital Order Card.

If you're located in a LBB Council area, you'll need to contact a local Girl Scout once you're ready to order, because any online orders must be initiated by a troop member. She'll either send you an email to her personal sale site or order the cookies online herself.

If she's sent you the personal link to her sale site, you can easily place your order online. You can either opt to have your order shipped by common carrier or, if it's available, hand delivered by a Girl Scout. To request hand delivery, just click the "In-Person Delivery" option when checking out on the platform. If you've chosen to get your package shipped directly to you, you'll have a shipping confirmation sent to you via e-mail, which includes tracking information so you can keep tabs on your Thin Mints until they arrive.

2. Order via the Smart Cookies Mobile App

If you're located in an ABC Council, Girl Scouts can send you e-cards as well as direct links to for cookie delivery via the Smart Cookies Mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices. You can place your order with the links and get cookies right to your door.

3. Find a Girl Scout Cookie sale

Courtesy of Girl Scouts

If you'd rather get your cookies the old school way this season, you can easily search for Girl Scout Cookie sales near you using the website's locator. Simply enter your zip code and the nearest Girl Scout Cookie sales will pop up. You can also download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app for your iOS and Android device to hunt down a location. Cookie prices vary depending on which type you order, but they are between $5 and $6.

In addition to the classics, make sure to try out the newest Girl Scout Cookie flavor, Lemon-Ups, this season. The tangy lemon bites are a flavorful addition to this year's lineup of cookies, which, by the way, are on sale through April 2020.