Cardi B Is Alexa's New Voice In Amazon's Super Bowl Commercial & It's Incredible

They say how you speak to your Amazon Alexa reveals a lot about who you are. For example, if you demand Alexa plays a song, and scream something along the lines of "Alexa, f*cking play Coldplay ya dumb b*tch," instead of gently asking her in a normal octave, you're probably an evil monster who has been burned by society and is destined to end up alone or with 13 cats that you also yell at. I mean, if you're that passionate about Coldplay, something is definitely up with you anyway. But what is it about Alexa that causes such impatience and frustration? Of course, she's a bot, so she won't get everything right all the time (please don't erase humans, robots!). But what if it's her voice that makes us so short with Alexa? What if we were more entertained by her, like say, if we could get Cardi B's voice instead of Alexa?

That, my friends, is what dreams are made of. Can you imagine having Cardi B as your bestie, always available to give you the weather or play "Bodak Yellow," or wake you up in the morning? Or, tell you how far away you are from Mars? Well, she won't do that...

In the Super Bowl commercial for Amazon, Cardi B, Anthony Hopkins, Rebel Wilson, and more offer to voice Amazon's Alexa device when Alexa loses her voice. The commercial opens with someone receiving their daily weather update from Alexa, but instead of flawlessly delivering the temperature, Alexa noticeably starts coughing and eventually can't talk at all. The team at Amazon is strapped for what to do, but someone reveals that they have it all under control. Apparently, Alexa has had backup voices ready to step in for quite some time, and this is their moment to shine.

The first voice to fill in for Alexa is Gordon Ramsay, who is known for roasting people on Twitter for their less than sub par attempts at making quality dishes. A man asks "Alexa" for a grilled cheese recipe, and Ramsay's voice booms through the speaker, yelling at him for not realizing that the entire recipe is in the name of the dish itself. Rebel Wilson joins the party by jumping in to set the mood at a party by, um, attempting to dirty talk to the group from the safety of her private bath tub?

But the real star of the commercial is Cardi B, who refuses to answer a kid's question of how far away Mars is. "Why would you wanna go to Mars? There's not even oxygen there," she says. She also refuses a man's humble request for some country jams and instead blasts her own Grammy-nominated hit, "Bodak Yellow," through his speakers. He is visibly shook.

Twitter Can't Help But Think Amazon And Cardi B Is A Genius Combination

It costs about $5 million to run an ad during the Super Bowl, so it's safe to say Cardi B made bank by participating in this. Not that she needed the change. "Bodak Yellow" was the song of the summer. Cardi B even knocked Taylor Swift out of the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart to stay at number one for three weeks straight, making her the second female rapper to ever be at number one for a solo track (the first was Lauryn Hill).

Unfortunately, it seems Alexa's voice loss isn't a real thing, and Cardi won't be voicing our devices any time soon. But it's fun to jump into this dream world for a bit and imagine what it could be like. Personally, I'd also find it hilarious to have Gordon Ramsay shout recipes at me and tell me I'm doing everything wrong as I try to slap together some cheese pasta á la Corinne from The Bachelor and call myself a chef. Check out the commercial in full this weekend during Super Bowl Sunday.