Camila Cabello's "Liar" Video Is Super Bizarre, But That's Why You'll Love It


Camila Cabello just dropped her weirdest video yet. And I'm living for it. The "Señorita" singer dropped two new songs from her upcoming Romance album on Sept. 5, "Shameless" and "Liar," and after a long week of waiting, fans finally got to see Camila Cabello's "Liar" music video on Sept. 12. The song is all about being in denial about how hard you're crushing on someone. In the video, Cabello takes those feelings further by portraying how it feels to not only be in denial about your feelings for someone, but also to be in denial about how badly you're over being with the person you're with.

Cabello can't wake up from a never-ending nightmare in the "Liar" video. She's engaged to the son of an oil empire who can't stop buying her lavish gifts and showering her in jewelry. I mean... that seems pretty nice, but he's a very pretentious rich dude who Cabello clearly can't stand. He tells her what to wear, what jewelry to put on, controls where they eat, and all that insufferable jazz. She notices everything around her in the restaurant they're eating in is kind of dead (for example, the flowers on the tables), then she realizes that when she's honest about her feelings ("I hate this restaurant! I want a cheeseburger!") the repeating nightmare starts to change.

All the while, she's crushing on the busboy (played by Keiynan Lonsdale) at the restaurant. By the end of the video, she and the busboy are together. So she's finally stopped lying to herself about her feelings. Woo! Can't say I'm doing the same!

Check out the video here to see Cabello get crushed by an elephant, trampled over by a horde of cyclists, set a mansion on fire, and get arrested! Yes, you read all of that correctly.

See what damage is done when you lie about your feelings?! Cabello fully leaned into her comedy chops here. I love it when artists do this. More funny music videos please, Camila!

Her fans are obsessed with the hilarious video.

Given that Cabello is currently dating Shawn Mendes (this weird AF video of Mendes and Cabello intentionally kissing badly makes things pretty clear), it feels like this video could be part of the story of how she and Mendes got together.

The other song she released as part of the first Romance drop, "Shameless," also has a similar message. In the "Shameless" lyrics and music video, Cabello sings about saying "f*ck it" and finally telling the world who she's in love with. The narratives from "Liar" to "Shameless" seem to tell a story about Cabello being in denial about having feelings for someone she's known for a long time (*cough* Shawn Mendes *cough*), to finally letting herself feel her feelings and not caring who finds out about it. Also, the guy in the "Shameless" video who Cabello is crushing on looks a hell of a lot like Mendes, so let's just tell it like it is here, people.

Between "Señorita," "Shameless," and now "Liar," it looks like Cabello and Mendes have been preparing for a long time to tell the world they're a thing.