A Body Language Expert Analyzed Camila & Shawn’s Intense Courtside Makeout

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When you truly stan a celebrity couple, it's hard not to worry that they'll break up and love will be dead forever (or at least until you find a new pair to ship, anyway). But fans of Shamila's frequent collaborations of both the musical and romantic variety have nothing to worry about, because this couple really does seem to be doing A-OK, if Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes' body language at the Clippers game on Nov. 11 is any indication.

While most folks in the stands were probably expecting plenty of excitement on the court, they probably weren't anticipating that the hottest action of the night would be taking place courtside as the "Señorita" singers put the public in PDA with a serious makeout sesh. Like so many celebrity couples before them, Mendes and Cabello have been the subject of various breakup rumors, but their latest love display should help squash them for now. That just leaves one question: Does this very public display actually reflect the pair's real feelings? For that, I turned to Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence. Here's what she had to say. (Spoiler alert: Get ready to cheer for them even harder.)

Their Connection Is Strong.
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If you want to know how tight these two are, just look at how connected their body language is, says Brown. “See how they’re angled toward each other with their shoulders. That shows where their attention is — on each other!" Brown tells Elite Daily. And even though they're looking at different things, they're still in-sync, as evidenced by the way they're holding hands. “Their fingers are interwoven as they hold hands. That’s as close as you can get in public without having people yell ‘Get a room!'"

Mendes Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of Cabello.
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Nothing says you only have eyes for your boo like giving her your entire focus despite an NBA game unfolding literally feet away. Brown says you can tell this is the case because Mendes is "fully focused on [Cabello] with his kiss and also that his leg is crossed her way." And despite Cabello being somewhat distracted, she is showing an attempt to reciprocate. “She’s paying attention to something else and partially unsure of the moment as told by her ankle going sideways. But she’s still pulling him in. So there’s a bit of a dichotomy here,” Brown says.

He’s More Comfortable With The Public Eye.
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In this photo, Brown does see some minor disconnection in their body language. “He’s super happy and relaxed,” she says. Cabello, on the other hand, doesn't seem quite as comfortable with the spotlight, and it shows via the mixed messages in her body language. “She’s reaching for him and pulling him in, but look at her mouth. See how she’s biting her lip? This is an indicator of fear and even possibly self-punishment. So she’s not 100% OK with the situation,” Brown explains.

Fret not, because things are about to get better.

They Are Both All-In On One Another.
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“She’s finally fully committed!" says Brown. In this final picture, we get our best look at how connected the couple is. Brown says Cabello's hand on Mendes' cheek could indicate some desire to say in control, "and even more so that her fingers are spread out so far. He’s keeping that relaxed attitude and has managed to get his hand on her rear."

Sounds like Cabello and Mendes’ body language was a real slam dunk. You could even say it’s a romance worth cheering for. In fact, to do anything less would be foul.

OK, enough terrible basketball jokes. The takeaway here is that all indications point to the love still being strong between these two. Stan on.


Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence