These Shimmer Mini Easter Eggs From Cadbury Are Bringing Some Sparkle To The Holiday

Courtesy of Cadbury

It looks like 2019 is picking up where 2018 left off with the whole early holiday thing, and TBH, I'm not mad about it. A handful of Easter goodies are already in the works for the April 21 holiday (My body is so ready for Oreo Easter Egg Cookies with purple filling, TBH), but my favorite pre-Easter reveal thus far might be that Cadbury's Shimmer Mini Eggs are here in stores, like, right now. Valentine's Day is still weeks away, but you'll want to bling out your Easter basket early with these shiny pastel goodies.

Some (like myself) would argue that it's not Easter without a Cadbury chocolate egg, and the British chocolatier is making sure the countdown to the spring holiday features plenty of sparkle and shine with the release of Cadbury Shimmer Mini Eggs. While chocolate eggs are nothing new, I'll admit that I was pretty stoked by the prospect of a shimmery take on the classic. According to a Cadbury rep, the pastel mini eggs come in rose pink, lavender, baby blue, and light yellow, and basically feature a milk chocolate core hidden within a crispy sugar shell featuring a slew of millennial-approved colors. It's pretty similar to an OG Cadbury Creme Egg, which features a thick chocolate shell filled with a white and yellow fondant filling — except so much more photogenic.

A Cadbury rep confirmed to Elite Daily that the glittery treats have already been spotted by customers at Target and Walmart and that they're currently available nationwide. Bringing some shimmer and shine to your Easter basket won't break the bank, either, as these bite-sized goodies retail for 99 cents for a 1.4 ounce bag or $3.89 for a seven-ounce to nine-ounce bag.

People are understandably already losing it over the luminescent eggs on Twitter, and one user even compared the shimmering chocolate to a "dragon egg." Forget Easter, because something tells me you'll definitely want these twinkling treats around when Game of Thrones heads back to HBO on April 14.

Easter falls on Sunday, April 21 this year, which means we still have a while to go until the Easter Bunny brings us all mountains of treats. Luckily, there's plenty of deliciousness to look forward to in the countdown.

As a big Oreo fan, I'm pretty stoked that the company is reportedly planning to release Oreo Easter Egg Cookies sometime in the coming months. According to reports, the revamped cookie will have the same flavor you know and love while featuring an oval shape similar to that of an egg and boasting a layer of thick purple frosting in keeping with the Easter theme. In addition, Nestle Tollhouse is planning to release Easter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with pastel Easter Egg sprinkles for the cutest cookies yet. Unfortunately, there's no telling when these two colorful goodies will be heading to your nearest grocery store, so you'll have to start the Easter sweet hunt early.

One thing's for certain: It's only January, but I have a feeling that everyone's Easter egg baskets are going to look pretty lit this year with 2019's 'Gram-worthy additions.