Watch BTS Sing “Happy Birthday” To Suga & Surprise Him With A Cake

Cindy Ord/WireImage/Getty Images

Every time it's a BTS members' birthday, fans look to the group's Twitter account to see how they will celebrate the big day. Sometimes, the members post emotional tweets, while at other times, they opt to share hilarious pictures of the birthday boy. Whatever way they choose to celebrate, their posts never fail to make ARMYs smile. BTS' tweets for Suga's 27th birthday are so sweet and you need to check them out.

March 9, 2020 marked Suga's 27th birthday, and fans all over the world celebrated the occasion by trending hashtags on Twitter like #HappySugaDay, #SugaOurBrightestStar, and #HappyBirthdayYoongi, paired with their favorite Suga moments from over the years. Apart from showing their love for him on social media, fans are also honoring Suga with various projects taking place around the globe, including birthday billboards and charity projects.

BTS birthdays are huge events for fans, and they especially love seeing the members' tweets to the birthday boy. Last year, RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook celebrated Suga's birthday in their own ways online, and then ended it by surprising Suga with a birthday cake.

This year, BTS shared two adorable candid videos of Suga's birthday celebrations. One video shows the crew singing "Happy Birthday" to Suga while Jimin brought in a strawberry-topped birthday cake to surprise him. A fan translated the video: "Happy bday Yoongi. Happy bday Suga. Yoongi hyung is cute so he’s two years old." The joke is in reference to Suga's birthday cake only having two candles on it.

The second video shows Jin paying for the whole team after Suga's birthday meal. A translation of the video reads, "Our Seokjin Hyung paid even for our staffs’ tables. Awesome Jjin Jjin Jjin Jjin Jjin Jjin." The boys had previously agreed that Jin would pay for the meal since he had brought up the party idea, and it looks like Jin graciously followed through with the plan.

BTS's official band account also shared a birthday tweet that featured a video of Suga blowing kisses along with the message, "Happy Birthday Suga," as well as the date of his birthday and "Suga Day," in the corner.

Fans are absolutely loving the behind-the-scenes look into BTS' celebrations. Happy birthday, Suga!