RM Wrote The BTS ARMY The Most Thoughtful Letter On His 25th Birthday

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For the past few days, all the BTS ARMY has been tweeting about is RM's 25th birthday (well, that, and photos of Jimin taking off his shirt in a photo booth). You see, since the BTS ARMY is all over the world, people celebrate in different time zones, which makes the celebration even more fun. Fans have definitely gone all out for RM's birthday on Sept. 12. Besides trending hashtags like #HappyBirthdayNamjoon and #HappyRMDay, fans have also planted trees in his honor and have also been sharing his 2018 United Nations speech online to remind everyone how inspiring RM is to others. BTS' RM's letter to ARMYs for his 25th birthday is just another example of how RM's got a way with words.

ARMY, prepare yourselves, because RM's letter is so deep. It's seriously so unique and unlike any other birthday post you've probably ever read. But honestly, what else did you expect? This is RM! He's BTS's leader and a United Nations Speaker who apparently has an IQ of 148!

RM starts his letter by asking fans how they're doing, which is so sweet. (I'm doing OK, thanks for asking, RM.) He then questions the meaning of his birthday and throws in a quote from Shakespeare. Wow. That wasn't all, because the BTS ARMY also noticed how RM's lovely letter was handwritten on a postcard that he must have gotten while traveling around the world. If you zoom in very close, you'll see the words "Claude Monet" and "Garten in Giverny" written on the postcard, which fans took to mean the note probably had a picture of a painting on the other side. Honestly, that is such an RM thing to do (you know, because he's always visiting art museums).

RM is so thoughtful and his note to the BTS ARMY will make you love and appreciate him even more. OK, guys, are you ready for it? Here's RM's note for fans in full, according to a fan translation by Twitter user @JK_Glitters.

Dear ARMY, In this rainy late summer, are you doing all well? Honestly, I can't remember the birthdays before I was 20. Looking back, they were somewhat special and somewhat plain. It seemed more like that after I learned that birthday is not a day to congratulate me but to give congrats to parents who gave birth. So for me, this rather regular day of September 12th. I have been getting overwhelming words for past seven years. Shakespeare said, "We are the ones who were known by lovely friends." I once again realize that I have been known by you lovely people, and that today has become even more special cause of you.
I thought what if I could become a person to let you guys be known by love and little trivial truths, and as always, if only my heart that could not be displayed with only words could reach at least one more person. I can't dare to say that I have witnessed all the love that have been poured out to me but I thankfully receive it this short letter. I wish that we could be happier even just for hour more. I love you. -Namjoon

I'm crying and so is the rest of the BTS ARMY. Can RM get any sweeter? Of course, fans on Twitter couldn't stop talking about how thoughtful it was of RM to write a handwritten letter, which you don't see many people do anymore.

It's RM's birthday, yet here he is giving fans the wonderful gift of a handwritten letter. Y'all, the world really doesn't deserve RM, does it? He is too sweet.